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SINCE ·2004

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Huanze was founded in 2001, the overseas business headquarters was set up in Hong Kong, holding a government secretarial service licence. Focusing on providing company audit, tax declaration, registration, annual inspection, tax planning and other services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and other regions.

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Hong Kong corporate audit18Focus on Hong Kong audit services,Hong Kong accountants do accounting audit, formal audit report, solve tax problems

Did your Hong Kong company encounter the following problems when doing the audit?

Can't read the audit report on hand The progress in producing the report is slow Poor communication, poor service Financial data are in a mess Audit opinions are risky, accountants dump the blame Unable to support a subsequent tax defense

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Ring Ze with strength for your efficient solution!

Set up a dedicated team to provide you with customized services 3Reconfirm,4Level check, report data accurate Communicate effectively and interpret reports patiently Make reasonable suggestions to reduce tax risks Optimize audit process and complete audit report on time Provide follow-up support

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Audit practices vary in Hong Kong.We'll do it for you one on one Output solution

Hong Kong company one-stop serviceNo need to go to Hong Kong As soon as the same day can be obtained, government licensed secretarial company, Hong Kong entity operating office

Enquiry hotline:400-6826-139 Immediate consultation More services from overseas companies One-stop personalized offshore management services

Cyclose18Load concentrationKnow what you need, not trust

The Hong Kong company does the books

Normal reliability

Holding a regular secretarial service licence Set up an enterprise tax agent office Unified quotation, no invisible consumption Consult Now
01 Normal reliability Regular and reliable

Annual audit of Hong Kong company

Fast and efficient

Have at least5A permanent auditor Ensure success rate of audit before tax filing deadline High efficiency, service content can be specific to customers Consult Now
02 Fast and efficient Fast and efficient

Annual inspection of Hong Kong company

Meticulous and rigorous

Inform potential tax risks and give suggestions in advance Help clients to sort out their accounts for the checks and risks Consult Now
03 Meticulous and rigorous Meticulous and rigorous

Hong Kong company registration

Good service

Familiar with foreign tax policy Provide practical info on enterprises' investment overseas Reply letters with advice to customers: 1 VS 1, and 7*24 Consult Now
04 Good service Good service

Ring Ze service TeamAccording to customer needs, set up corresponding project team, tailored service to customer satisfaction

He Jingwen

He JingwenGeneral manager of China

Since joining Huanze in 2004, he has accumula...

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Yang Chenyao

Yang ChenyaoChief financial officer

Chief Financial Officer of Ringze, engaged in...

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Wen Xinru

Wen XinruService consultant

Senior consultant and deputy manager of Huanz...

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Duan Tao

Duan TaoService consultant

Focus on overseas companies and intellectual ...

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Huang Jia

Huang JiaService consultant

More than 10 years of experience in overseas ...

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Mengjinshan Mountain

Mengjinshan MountainService consultant

Graduated from the School of Management of Xi...

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Meng Yan

Meng YanService consultant

With 8 years of industry experience, he has b...

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Pan Xinping

Pan XinpingService consultant

With more than eight years of experience in o...

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Huanze customerCyclose18Served many private enterprises, multinational groups, listed companies, state-owned enterprises

Online consultation Enquiry hotline:400-6826-139

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Honesty and reliability make us win, and hard work creates glory

To do service is to focus on and attitude, cherish every customer trust Diligent and dedicated, careful listening, quick response, with strength to help customers develop global business.