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When does the Hong Kong company need to make the international notary document

Under normal circumstances, international notary documents are required for Hong Kong companies to open bank accounts, set up subsidiaries, participate in legal proceedings, set up representative offices, participate in bidding and other matters outside mainland China.

Hong Kong companies need to issue notarized documents for investment in mainland China, please click for more details
Chinese notary document

Information to be provided
  • CycloseCertificate of incorporation in Hong Kong
  • CycloseHong Kong company's latest business registration certificate
  • CycloseHong Kong articles of association
  • CycloseLatest annual return of Hong Kong company
  • CycloseOther relevant information
Handling procedure

If it is a routine document notarized, the company director must go to Hong Kong. If it involves the signing of documents such as authorizations, the directors of the company are required to go to Hong Kong in person to sign the documents. (A case study of Hong Kong's investment in Taiwan, China)

  • 01Relevant documents are first certified by Hong Kong lawyers.
  • 02It shall be signed by the relevant department in Hong Kong.
  • 03Then the Taipei Economic Office in Hong Kong certification.
Our advantage
● Verify documents in advance to prevent risks Since the demand side of documents (such as relevant local government departments, courts, etc.) may have slightly different requirements on documents, the lawyers of Huanze will help clients to prepare notarized documents in advance and give them to the clients. ● Experienced, high success rate The Hong Kong lawyers for Ringze have been more than300Hong Kong company has handled international notary documents, rich experience, special affairs, efficient and fast.

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