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    Company Incorporation
    HKD $8500
    Done within 10 working days Secretary service Free registered address Mail service Privacy protection Significant controller filing Complimentary tax consultations * 3 times Personalized advice (1-hour tax consultation worth HK$1200 as a gift), contact us for account opening for further discussion
    Annual Inspection
    From HKD $6500
    Done within 25 working days The renewal of the business registration certificate The filing of the annal declaration
    Tax Consultation
    From HKD $12000
    For one year service Daily accounting organization, available monthly/quarterly Offering interpretation services on Hong Kong tax policies Email consultation on tax-related matters (4 times per month) Annual video conferences (twice a year)
    Company Audit
    Revenue less than HK $2
    million:HK$ 8,500
    Revenue is HK$2 million to 10
    million:HK $12,000
    Revenue is HK$10 million to 30
    million :HK$ 15,000
    More than HK $30 million, Please contact us for detailed quotation.
    Sorting client financial data Issuing financial statements Checking audit and financial risks Estimating taxes Drafting audit working papers
    Company Incorporation
    Local nominee director Secretary services Complimentary address Mail handling Privacy protection 3 complimentary tax consultations Personalized advice
    Company Annual Return
    Bizfile renewal, zero filing for non-operating companies, XBRL download for company holdings.
    Company Audit
    The annual audit fee determined based on relevant financial data.
    Please provide documents such as turnover, number of transactions, and business model for our review, and we will then provide you with a quotation.
    Company Incorporation
    From AED80,000
    Registration takes about 25 working days. Local Lease office service. Assistance with immigration card applications. Annual business license renewal processing. Aid with account opening procedures. Coordination with local auditors in Dubai for audit report processing.
    Company License Renewal
    From AED80,000
    Lease office renewal New business license acquisition
    Company Audit
    The annual audit fee determined based on relevant financial data.
    Please provide documents such as turnover, number of transactions, and business model for our review, and we will then provide you with a quotation.
  • China
    Company Incorporation
    Starting Price: Depends on different industries and cities. Please inquire for details.
    Service: Providing assistance in daily operations, such as tax and legal matters (professional services may incur charges).
  • China
    Annual Inspection
    Submission of industrial and commercial annual report.

6 Simple Steps to Complete RegistrationOur offshore company registration services offer a cost-effective solution for expanding
your business globally.

  • Company name
    Step 1
  • Registration
    nformation confirm
    Step 2
  • Prepare registration
    documents for signature
    Step 3
  • Client returns signed
    registration documents
    Step 4
  • Submits registration
    documents to the
    Step 5
  • Deliver finished documents to the client to complete the company registration
    Step 6


  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • China(Mainland)
  • What are the risky audit opinions in a Hong Kong company's audit report?

    Adverse opinions and disclaimers of opinion.

  • Is it necessary to conduct an annual audit for a Hong Kong company?

    Yes, according to Hong Kong company law, an audit must be conducted annually. If the company is not operational, an inactive audit report can be prepared.

  • What documents are required for Hong Kong company registration? Do I need to personally go to Hong Kong?

    Generally, scanned copies of the shareholders' and directors' identification documents are required. We handle the entire process, and you do not need to personally go to Hong Kong.

  • Can I become a shareholder/director of a Hong Kong company if I am not a Hong Kong resident?

    Anyone above the age of 18 with a passport can become a shareholder/director of a Hong Kong limited company.

  • How can I check the status of my Hong Kong company after registration is completed?

    You can check the status on the government website within 6 working days after registration is completed.

  • Is it mandatory to have a Singaporean resident serving as a director for company registration in Singapore?

    Yes, it is a requirement to appoint a Singaporean citizen as a nominee director.

  • What are the audit requirements for a Singapore company?

    A Singapore company must undergo an audit if it meets at least two of the following criteria: total assets exceeding SGD 10 million, employing more than 50 local employees, or achieving an annual turnover exceeding SGD 10 million.

  • Is it necessary for a Singapore company to commence operations after registration?

    Not necessarily. If the company is non-operational, filing zero returns during the annual audit is sufficient.

  • Can I obtain a work permit to work in Singapore after registering a company there?

    Yes, you can, provided you obtain a Singapore work pass.

  • Is it straightforward to open a corporate bank account in Singapore?

    We can assist you in scheduling a video account opening. Refund available if unsuccessful.

  • Common types of companies in Dubai?

    Companies in Dubai city; 2. Free zone companies in Dubai; 3. Offshore companies in Dubai.

  • How long does it take to complete the application and registration process for a Dubai company?

    The entire process from application to registration typically takes about 2 months.

  • How long does it take to process a work visa after registering a company in Dubai?

    After obtaining the company license, it takes 7 days to process the immigration card at the immigration office. Once the immigration card is obtained, processing a work visa takes 10-25 working days.

  • What are the tax implications for a Dubai company?

    Common taxes for Dubai companies include customs duties, corporate income tax, and value-added tax.

  • In which cities in China can you register a company?

    We can register a company in most cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, and others.

  • Can I provide an electronic version of the approved certificate application materials?

    All required registration documents can be submitted electronically, in the form of soft copies. Typically, identification proof and address proof of shareholders and directors are needed. In the case of corporate shareholders, the company's license should also be provided.

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