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Annual inspection of Hong Kong company

Hong Kong company12Annual inspection is required once every month, which requires the two departments of Hong Kong Company Registry and Hong Kong Tax Department to do the annual inspection of Hong Kong company respectively. Meanwhile, it also requires the secretary company to be an important controller for record and recordKYC.

If the Hong Kong company does not do the annual inspection on time, there will be the following consequences
  • Cyclose Late director's penalty overdue42day-3month fineHKD870overdue3month-6A month and a fineHKD1740, maximum fineHKD5000And daily finesHKD700,These responsibilities are the responsibility of company directors.
  • Cyclose Inland revenue penalty The tax department also has a fine on the company, overdue1Monthly fineHKD300, if the tax return is late, one month late, fineHKD1200~HKD3000Or above; If the employee returns are not filed on time, the penalty is fromHKD2400Get up.
  • Cyclose Forced cancellation of company Too long overdue Hong Kong company will be forced to cancel.
  • Cyclose Freeze or close an account Bank accounts may be frozen or even closed, and money cannot be freely spent.
There are two things to do at the Hong Kong Companies Registry
  • 01Pay an annual feeHKD105
  • 02File annual returns
There are three things to do in Hong Kong's tax department
  • 1Change the business registration certificateIf at the time of registration, is applied1The year of the business registration certificate, then the next year will need to replace a new business registration certificate, the costHKD250(The tax department of Hong Kong will adjust this charge every year according to the fiscal revenue of Hong Kong in the current year, sometimesHKD250,HKD450orHKD2250).
  • 2File employee returnsThis document is mainly to declare your company's employees, employees' salaries and so on to the Salaries Tax Section of the tax department.
  • 3File profits tax returnsDeclare the business situation of the company in the year to the tax department, and assess whether tax is needed in the year after the declaration. For newly established Hong Kong companies, there will be no18Issue the first tax return in the following month. Upon receipt of the return, complete the profits tax return based on the auditor's report issued by the Hong Kong auditor for the year.
Why does it have to be filed as a significant controller

Hong Kong Company2018 Company (Amendment) clause例"In order to enhance the transparency of beneficial ownership of OCs to fulfil Hong Kong's international obligations, The amended Companies Ordinance (No 622 Chapter) requires companies incorporated in Hong Kong to obtain and keep up to date information on beneficial ownership in order to maintain a Register of Significant Controllers for enforcement purposes Personnel review." The provision is2018 years 3 month 1 Day implementation. 

So2018years3month1Every newly registered and annually inspected company in Hong Kong is required to keep an up-to-date significant controller at its registered office (secretarial company) from today*Register andKYC(Customer Questionnaire), if the company fails to comply with the requirement to keep a register of significant controllers, the company and each person responsible shall be liable for a maximum fine on conviction 25,000 And shall be fined each day 700 Yuan.

Material controller means any person who has significant control over the company, if any of the following conditions are met 1 Have significant control over the company:
1The person directly or indirectly holds the company 25%The shares issued above; Or if the company has no share capital, the person directly or indirectly holds an apportionment to the company 25%Above the capital or share of the company25%The right to the above profits;
2The person directly or indirectly holds the company 25%Above the right to vote;
3, that person directly or indirectly holds the right to appoint or remove a majority of the directors of the board of directors of the company;
4The person has the right or actually exercises or exercises significant influence or control over the Company;
5, the person has the right or practice to exert or exercise significant influence or control over the activities of a trust or firm which is not a legal person but is a trustee or a member of the firm in respect of the company 4 In one condition

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