HK Registration
Advantages of incorporation in Hong Kong
  • Freedom of nameFreedom of nameCompany name choice is free, can contain country, group, shares and other words
  • No capital verification requiredNo capital verification requiredThe registered capital can be raised at will, but there is no limit to the time for the funds to be in place
  • Wide business scopeWide business scopeIn addition to banks, schools and other industries that need to get licenses, other industries can be engaged in
  • Much discountMuch discountHong Kong companies and mainland companies are joint ventures or joint ventures, and enjoy various preferential policies in the mainland
  • Enhance influence Enhance influence Can enhance the corporate image and brand awareness
  • Build a firewallBuild a firewallAny problem with a project developed by a Hong Kong company will not involve the head office
  • Low tax rateLow tax rateThey are not occupying any resources in Hong Kong and are exempt from profits tax by filing offshore claims
  • Freedom of fundsFreedom of fundsThere is no foreign exchange control, capital can be freely in and out, international asset allocation, facilitate the acquisition of overseas assets or mergers and acquisitions
Information to be submitted
  • 01Company name (English, Chinese, or English)
  • 02Shareholder identification document
    The shareholder is a company, and a copy of the business license of the company should be provided
    Shareholders are individuals and need to be established18Be one year old and provide proof of identity and address
  • 03Proof of identity and address of director (required at least18One year old)
  • 04The proportion of shares held by shareholders
  • 05Company business scope
  • 06The registered capital of the company (the amount can be told without capital verification)
  • 07Fill inKYCtable
  • 08Keep a significant controller
  • 09Incorporation forms and articles of association prepared by our company
The documents given to the customer after the registration of the Hong Kong company is completed
  • Certificate of incorporation (CI)
  • Business registration Certificate (BR)
  • Articles of association
  • Incorporation form
  • stock
  • Company record book
  • Seal (including atomic seal, bar seal)
  • A set of corporate documents certified 
Hong Kong company registration to avoid the following cooperation
  • 1Divulge informationDisclosure of customer's company or identity information, high risk!
  • 2Illegal registrationNo secretary license issued by relevant departments, illegal registration matters!
  • 3System imperfectionThere is no perfect management system, to the annual inspection or tax time does not remind, resulting in fines, increase costs!
  • 4Address instabilityThe registered address provided is unstable, resulting in frequent change of company address, affecting the company's business operation!
  • 5surchargeAttract registration at a very low price, with subsequent multiple charges.
  • 6Difficulty opening an accountWith no cooperative relationship with the bank, the company has become a big problem to open an account, funds can not be freely in and out!
  • 7No legal addressThe organization itself has no legal address in Hong Kong. After the customer pays, it will not handle matters for the customer!
  • 8Solution inefficiencyConsulting about the corresponding tax questions, can not be effectively answered, wasting the customer's time!
HUANZE Great protection, for your successful registration of Hong Kong companies
  • CyclosePrivate security systemPowerful private data management system, to ensure that identity proof and other related information is not leaked
  • CycloseRapid reservation account openingHave close cooperation with the major offshore banks to facilitate the appointment of bank accounts
  • CycloseProvide management consulting servicesProvide Hong Kong company follow-up management and tax advisory services
  • CycloseRegular licenseeRegular secretary license, standard and efficient, rest assured.
  • CycloseGet the card on the same dayAfter the documents are ready, express to the relevant departments to submit the day, the fastest day to get the registration certificate
  • CycloseSystem management reminderWith independent intellectual property rights of the file management system, the establishment of subsequent annual inspection, tax declaration and other matters will be reminded.
  • CycloseAll-dimensional teamWe have certified public accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, exclusive consultants and other professionals to answer all questions and doubts
  • CyclosePersonalized adviceFor different customers, we provide corresponding suggestions: for example, for import and export customers and brand operation customers, overseas companies operate in different ways

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