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11 2021.10

BUD special audit is not the same as Hong Kong company audit

The Hong Kong government has launched some special subsidy policies for some specific Hong Kong comp...
23 2022.06

How do Hong Kong companies file tax returns?

Today I would like to share with you the tax declaration process of Hong Kong company. First of all,...
30 2021.09

The occupation of Hong Kong resources is an important criterion for the payment of Hong Kong profits tax

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, Hong Kong profits tax is a matter that needs to be pai...
17 2021.08

Hong Kong company audit report does not express opinion analysis

When doing the audit of a Hong Kong company, there will be different opinions in the audit report, s...
20 2022.07

Do Hong Kong companies need to plead for profits tax exemption if their profits are not derived from Hong Kong?

Many people know that if the profits of a Hong Kong company do not come from Hong Kong, they do not ...
20 2022.07

How to declare profits tax in Hong Kong?

If you have a Hong Kong company, you should pay attention to it. The profits tax declaration of Hong...
08 2022.07

How to determine whether to occupy Hong Kong resources?

The occupation of Hong Kong's resources is a comprehensive criterion, which needs to look at the buy...
01 2022.07

Remember that! Three important points for Singapore companies to improve their account opening success rate

A customer has asked a Singapore company what are the requirements for opening an account in Singapo...
30 2022.06

What are the important parts of a Hong Kong company's audit report?

There are many customers who have done the audit report of Hong Kong company but do not know what co...
27 2022.06

Is the audit report of Hong Kong company necessary?

Some clients ask whether the audit report of Hong Kong company must be done on time, and what risks ...