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22 2023.02

What documents are needed for trademark renewal?

The trademark is valid for ten years after registration. If you want to continue using the trademark...
14 2023.02

Registered trademark name how to increase the pass rate?

To apply for trademark registration, the first step is to think of a trademark name. Now people's aw...
11 2023.02

What are the requirements for registration of geographical indication trademark?

A geographical indication mark is a mark indicating that a commodity originates from a certain regio...
09 2023.02

Introduction to well-known trademarks

Well-known trademark is a type of trademark recognized by the State Trademark Administration. It is ...
01 2023.02

Knownet monopoly case temporarily ended, was sentenced to a heavy fine of 87.6 million yuan!

The decision came after a seven-month investigation by the State Administration for Market Regulatio...
19 2022.12

The State Intellectual Property Office issued the Notice on Combating malicious registration of "World Cup", "Laib" and other trademarks in accordance with the law.

The State Intellectual Property Office issued the Notice on Cracking Down on the registration of tra...
10 2022.12

Case of Invalidation of "Baja" Trademark No. 19169402

Case of Invalidation of "Baja" Trademark No. 19169402
17 2022.11

Milk brand Hua Hua Niu is embroiled in a trademark dispute

Recently, four enterprises in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, were found to have used their own registere...
12 2022.11

A distillery in Hebei province has been found guilty of infringing on its use of the word "Beijing Erguotou"

An Erguotou distillery in Hebei province was ordered to pay 100,000 yuan in damages after a court ru...
02 2022.11

Case Study on Trademark Invalidation of "Linghu Chong LINGHUCHONG and Map" No. 1816221

Linghu Chong, the protagonist of Jin Yong's famous swordsman novel The Swordsman, is familiar to mos...

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