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15 2024.05

If there is an investment subsidiary, will it affect the audit of the Singapore company?

In the audit of a Singapore company, if the Singapore company has invested subsidiaries, the progres...
15 2024.05

Disadvantages of frequent change of company address in Hong Kong

At present, there are many Hong Kong companies established for many years in the market, and they wi...
19 2024.04

How to choose the annual return time of Singapore company?

Many customers after the completion of the registration of Singapore companies, because the registra...
16 2024.04

GST declaration for Singapore companies

After applying for GST(Goods & Services Tax), a Singapore company needs to make GST declaration on a...
08 2024.04

How to deal with inventory during Hong Kong company audit?

We know that after the registration of a Hong Kong company, annual return and audit should be done r...
04 2024.04

About Dubai Corporate Income Tax!

On 9 December 2022, the United Arab Emirates (" UAE ") promulgated the Federal Act on Corporate and ...
03 2024.04

Does Marshall Company need to file a tax return?

Marshallese is one of the most popular places to register offshore companies, because tax exemption ...
02 2024.04

What information should Hong Kong companies provide for share transfer?

Hong Kong companies are required to provide audit reports for the period covered by the previous fin...
31 2024.03

How do Hong Kong companies differentiate between onshore and offshore businesses?

Hong Kong companies are subject to profits tax on onshore profits and not on offshore profits. But w...
30 2024.03

If a Hong Kong company obtains a loan from a bank in Hong Kong, is it subject to Hong Kong income tax?

If a Hong Kong company obtains loans from banks in Hong Kong, does the operating income of the Hong ...