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05 2021.02

What should the audit of listed companies in Hong Kong pay attention to?

As we all know, a listed company is generally a group composed of several companies. With the rapid ...
06 2021.02

What should we pay attention to in the audit of state-owned enterprises in Hong Kong?

Since the reform and opening up, our economy began to develop rapidly, and more and more state-owned...
22 2024.02

What risks do Hong Kong companies face in unpaid taxes?

What are the risks of a Hong Kong company that has not paid tax?
20 2023.02

After Hong Kong company makes up the loss, there is no tax that year how to have tax advance?

Recently, I was doing the audit work of a client. The Hong Kong company made profits this year and n...
17 2023.02

Can Dubai company issue the required bank search report?

After the customer registers the Dubai company, he/she opens an account in an offshore bank in China...
16 2023.02

How to audit a Company in Dubai?

Dubai companies face their first audit, so what are the procedures required to do the audit? First o...
15 2023.02

What kinds of taxes do companies have in the UAE?

With the end of the global epidemic and the gradual recovery of the global economy, many investors h...
07 2023.02

How do Hong Kong companies change directors?

Many listed companies have registered their Hong Kong subsidiaries in Hong Kong, and the directors o...
06 2023.02

Is there a limit on the registered capital of Singapore companies?

At present, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs choose to register companies in Singapore, according...
05 2023.02

Can the commission be deducted before tax in Hong Kong?

Whether the company in Hong Kong or in other countries or regions needs to carry out market expansio...

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