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10 2023.02

On the Chinese New Year to write "Fu" word activities a drop of sentiment!

"Yuan Day" Song Dynasty. Wang Anshi, firecrackers in New Year's Eve, spring breeze send warm into Tu...
10 2022.10

Huanze Group Construction Meeting - after the release of the late Mid-Autumn Festival activities

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival came a little late, because the city of Chengdu spent an extraordina...
03 2022.08

Huanze 18th Anniversary Company Association Meeting

In May this year, we turned 18 years old. In retrospect, we have encountered many difficulties and s...
23 2022.02

Donated stray animal base of Huanze Charity Walk

This year Huanze Company went to Sichuan and even the country's largest stray animal adoption base -...
10 2022.02

Full of blessing, hand in hand

This year's blessing seems to have arrived a little late, but Huanze Company inherits the blessing o...
31 2021.12

The dispute over copyright infringement between Lianze and a peer company

This year6In July, our company accidentally found that a peer company in Shenzhen copied our officia...
02 2021.12

As the New Year approaches, Huanze holds an activity to write "Fu"

As the New Year is approaching, every household will put up the word "Fu". Huanze also organized the...
23 2021.11

The 17th anniversary celebration of Huanze

This year is the 17th year since the establishment of Ringze. On this occasion, our company also org...
19 2021.09

Wantaek Mid-Autumn Festival Group building meeting

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. This year, Huanze also organized the activity of making ice ...
12 2021.04

Planting Trees in Qingbai River -- 2021

Since its establishment 17 years ago, we have been focusing on providing customers with professional...