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Hong Kong company position paper

Hong Kong company opinion is issued according to the current effective Hong Kong laws and regulations, the basic information of the Hong Kong company has a good reference, some companies may require the addition of some special legal verification, generally under the laws and regulations, the opinion can also include some special verification content. These need to be handled in detail when the communication.

The position letter of the Hong Kong company is mainly issued for the Hong Kong company's own situation, which is generally as follows:

  • corporate
    Legitimacy of establishment
  • legal
  • The company
    Shareholding situation
  • The company
    Change of directors
  • The company
    Whether a winding-up petition is involved
  • Whether the company has relevant civil and criminal action records record
Submission service process
  • 01 sign
  • 02 customer
  • 03 lawyer
    Official search
  • 04 Various departments
    Investigation and verification
  • 05 issue
    Draft submission
  • 06 customer
  • 06 Issue of opinion
    Paper copy with search copy
Time: General10About one working day, if the company structure or their own complex situation, the time will be extended.
You must be careful when choosing the Hong Kong Company Position Paper

An opinion written by a Hong Kong company must be a practising law firm in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and the lawyer who gives the opinion is a solicitor in the" Law Society of Hong Kong "A registered practicing lawyer. Therefore, the choice of law firms and lawyers issued opinions must be careful.

Our advantage
● Convenient communication, efficient processing Since most of the clients who need the opinions of Hong Kong companies are in mainland China, they cannot smoothly communicate with Hong Kong lawyers. The contact staff of our company are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and can answer customers' questions in a timely, effective and standardized manner. ● Assist in data sorting Assist customer to prepare required documents to ensure efficiency and quality.

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