Audit of Hong Kong companies in the game industry

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, there are a lot of companies engaged in the game industry. Publishing is also a relatively important job for companies in the game industry. In the process of issuance, promotion and publicity costs are generally generated, and the amount of expenditure is relatively large.

Matters needing attention in the audit of game industry companies in Hong Kong
  • First: the bank deposit balance does not confirm the audit report will have reservationsAt the beginning of the audit of the Hong Kong game company, the first thing to be checked is the bank deposit balance of the Hong Kong game company. 
  • Second: the expenditure of promotion and publicityThere are also various ways to promote games, such as inviting stars to promote spokespersons, game posters, game competitions, advertising carriers, movies and television, etc.
  • Third: the basic requirements of R&D cost measurementGame companies often spend a lot of money on R&D. As for the measurement of R&D expenses, which belong to R&D expenses and how to collect them, enterprises should first distinguish the research stage and development stage of research and development projects in order to confirm the measurement of R&D expenses. In terms of labor cost, strictly confirm the list of personnel belonging to research and development. Only when the R&D personnel actually belong to R&D can their related salaries, subsidies and other expenses be included in R&D costs.
  • Fourth, preferential tax policiesIf the Hong Kong game company is profitable in the current year, it shall comply with the tax policy of Hong KongHKD200The profit within ten thousand is enjoyed in Hong Kong16.5%The tax rate is halved by the preferential tax policy, i.e8.25%In addition, Hong Kong also has different tax reduction and exemption policies every year. Therefore, in the operation of the company, if you do not know the tax policy of the region where you engage in business activities, a large amount of tax expenditure may be invisible to your company.
  • Fifth: game company revenue sources and related billsAs for the revenue sources of game companies, they mainly come from game time charges, prop charges, value-added service charges, etc. When these revenues occur, they should be recognized as revenues, and proforma invoices related to revenues should be issued, including revenue items and revenue amounts.
  • Sixth: normal business losses can be deferred indefinitelyIf a Hong Kong game company makes a loss in the normal year of operation, the loss can be deferred indefinitely, and the tax part of next year's profit can be offset. With our domestic5The time limit for making up losses is different, which can greatly save the operating cost of Hong Kong company.
Of course, if you set up a game company in Hong Kong, the audit points mentioned above are only part of it.
Therefore, it is recommended to judge according to the actual situation of the company during the audit.
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