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Why did Ring Ze tell you to register a Hong Kong company to find a secretary company

Released Date: Oct 28,2020 Article Source: HUANZE

Registered Hong Kong company can help enterprises to develop overseas business, less taxes, low tax rates, and can be reasonable tax avoidance, attracted a lot of entrepreneurs, most of the registered Hong Kong company will find a special agent secretary company, do you know why?

Registered Hong Kong companies can help enterprises to develop overseas business, tax less, low tax rate, and can be reasonable tax avoidance, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs, most of the registered Hong Kong companies will find specializedA secretarial agency. Do you know why? belowCycloseXiaobian for you to explain in detail:

Registered Hong Kong company

1Why do I need a secretarial company to register a Hong Kong company

Personal registration of Hong Kong company from the preparation of data to Hong Kong submission, payment of official fees time-consuming and laborious, if the data preparation is not complete, the process is not familiar, it will lead to registration not down, affect the overall progress. In additionRegistered Hong Kong companyNeed a Hong Kong address, many mainland entrepreneurs also do not have, and the secretary company can not only serve as the legal secretary can also provide Hong Kong address, and can be fully agent success.

After a Hong Kong company is registered, in order to maintain normal operations, it needs to hire a person to manage the correspondence and deal with the government agencies, rental taxes, employee taxes, management fees, tax affairs and other trivial things. It is better to hand it over to a specialized secretarial company than to cope with it.

2What is the Hong Kong Secretarial Company

According to the regulations of the Hong Kong Government, all Hong Kong limited companies must employ a company secretary. The company secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or company to facilitate the contact with the government and deal with government documents. The statutory Secretary is also the representative of overseas persons in Hong Kong. The statutory Secretary does not have direct control over or ownership of the company. However, if problems occur in the company, the statutory Secretary will bear certain responsibilities.

3Hong Kong company secretary qualifications

The Hong Kong Company Secretary may be a natural person or a body corporate: if an individual is an individual, he must be permanently resident in Hong Kong;If it is a body corporate, it is required to hold a Trust and Corporate Services Licence. Otherwise, it is an offence under the Hong Kong Companies Act and is liable to penalties. This means that the body corporate must have a registered address or place of business in Hong Kong.

So registered Hong Kong company to choose a secretary company must choose a legitimate company with a license, otherwise your Hong Kong company or will produce high fines and the company may be revoked.

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