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Huanze Company held the 16th anniversary of the group building activities

Released Date: Nov 03,2020 Article Source: HUANZE
In May this year, it is the 16th year since the establishment of the company. During the past 16 years, the company has experienced a lot of ups and downs. What we need to thank most is the family members of the company, who have worked hard in their positions and contributed their strength to the growth of the company. But what has not changed is their continued support for the company. So, the company also organized a group trip -- bringing the family along for the 16th anniversary!

This year5Month, isCycloseEstablished regulation16Years, this16Over the years, Huanze has gone through a lot of wind and rain, and the most important thing to thank is the family members of Huanze. They all work hard in their positions and contribute their strength to the growth of Huanze. Among them, the roles of many colleagues have also changed from boys and girls to parents, but they have not changed their support for the company. So, the company also organized a group trip---Bring your family to the Ringze16Anniversary!

Huanze Group building activities

The place chosen this time is the ecological park, because there are more children, so in the selection of the location also considered more comprehensive, not only let the children feel happy, adults can also participate in the whole process. Fortunately, the activities of the base let everyone's enthusiasm is very high, such as cutting bamboo to make bamboo rice, zi ba, mountain biking, mountain climbing, stone grinding soymilk and so on, and in the base also carried out the flag-raising ceremony, the prosperity of the motherland, ring ze will be better and better! In the afternoon, everyone took out the cake that had been prepared in the morning. It said, "Ring Ze16Anniversary, thank you",Thanks to the support of all of our clients, colleagues, and family, Huanze was able to run16Years! In the evening, the village head of the base also prepared an open-air barbecue and buffetKTV", in waves of hearty laughter ended the day's activities. The next morning, we went to the mountain to pick loquat together. At noon, we experienced the "Ba Ba banquet" in the farmhouse, which is probably the childhood memory of many people. In the afternoon, we ended the two-day activity with laughter and laughter on the way back.

Huanze Group building activities

What Ringser is trying to say is,16In recent years, the development of the company cannot be achieved without the support of customers and employees. Although Huanze may not be the best company, it has been working hard to provide customers with more professional services, making progress for the happy life of employees and the progress of the society.

Huanze Group building activities

Huanze Group building activities

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