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Is the game between China and the United States a game between two countries or between civilization and capital? (middle)

Released Date: May 13,2022 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
As the world enters the third decade of the 21st century, the biggest energy transition that has been brewing for more than half a century has finally begun, namely, the East and the West's struggle for dominance over the future course of world civilization.

In fact, if we could all just calm down and take a hard look at the part of human activity affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In terms of economic categories, it is "desire consumption" and "desire expression" that are affected more. Whether you believe it or not, in a word, the novel coronavirus pandemic has forced the whole human desire to "slow down".

What kind of "revelation" is this God to human beings?

Has human desire run too fast in these centuries? Why do we let desire run so fast? Do we really need desire to run so fast? Do we really need to express our "wants" with such a rapid rhythm of desire gratification? Over the past three hundred years, under the big Western cap that "technological progress" is for the benefit of people, it seems that there is no man-made force that can slow down human desires. Here comes the new coronavirus. I think this is the messenger of God, this is the Chinese call God the heavenly operation of the law of the universe began to work.

The problem is that the West, from the point of view of civilization, does not believe in this system. If you do not believe in this system, God will make you eat the fruit of this system. In my opinion, Westerners have not really eaten the fruit of God's gift, it is still early. But it's okay. The world is always one. God will wait for them to toss over, calling them to follow the footsteps of Eastern civilization to follow...

If we go back to the human process over the past 300 years, the dividends and technological advances of the Western-led industrial revolution have certainly led to an amazing jump in human productivity, especially the big machinery of food production that came out of the Industrial Revolution, and the revolution in bioengineering (breakthroughs in food breeding). Let mankind push the limits of food production on limited land. As a result, in the second half of the 20th century, mankind has been able to feed more people than in the previous centuries. Such are the benefits of industrial and technological progress. But whatever God gives you, will not only give a positive side, it will synchronously give you a negative side down...

What is the biggest negative aspect of three hundred years of Western dominance?

It is the desires of a few people, armed with a state machine driven by capital, that continue to spread throughout the world. They cry the loudest "human rights, democracy and freedom". In fact, they are just a mask for robbing the world's wealth and causing disasters to people's livelihood. Generally speaking, what do you fear most when a rogue regime comes to power that is not even about looting, but about outright looting and killing? Must be afraid of coming later to find him dark and can not see the family history ah, how to erase it? In addition to the botched attempt to falsify history as much as possible, it is a constant loudspeaker calling out the "sunny side" of his dark history. Why else do you have a saying that people call for everything they want? In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, has stripped the Western world of the pants of "human rights, democracy and freedom" that have been called the most in the past 300 years.

From another perspective, we will find that in the past 300 years, the so-called Western world has led the creation of value part of the world, Westerners have been justified in thinking that their few "capitalist" to own for a long time. These are the core values that all governments in the "capital" controlled western world want to continue leading the world today. So, even though we've seen an amazing increase in food production, we're still seeing global growth20Hundreds of millions of people still struggle to meet their daily needs without food or clothing. Despite the rapid progress of science and technology, we still see too many so-called scientific and technological progress has brought about countless natural environment deterioration, secondary disasters, as well as the soul and spirit of all mankind along with the material prosperity, and increasingly cramped, amazing fading of happiness, the most simple can be summed up in a sentence: The more developed the material world becomes, the more empty the spiritual world becomes...

We can calm down and ask ourselves more. Is the 300 years of history a comedy of progress brought about by mankind's great material civilization? Or the great tragedy of the retreat of the desertification of the human spirit? I can't come to a conclusion, but I am convinced that history will give the answer, because no matter how much the bandits falsified history, God will lead mankind to write its own history.

Is the game between China and the United States a game between two countries or between civilization and capital? (middle)

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