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Misery is the alarm clock to wisdom (Part 1)

Released Date: Jan 11,2022 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
Suffering is people avoid, because it makes people miserable.

Suffering is people avoid, because it makes people miserable.

Suffering is the coat of wisdom, suffering is not suffering itself, it always hides the candy called "wisdom" inside. Who can get the candy "reward"? Only those who have experienced suffering, can reflect, and can find the source of suffering is not outside, but in our own people, can open the package of suffering, take out the candy called "wisdom". Start a "open" happy life from now on...

However, in our world, it has become the mainstream thinking mode of life to find the "culprit" for suffering and the "sinner" outside for suffering. Especially in the thousands of years of human civilization solidified by "moral ethics", it is the mainstream to "torture" all suffering on the high ground of "moral ethics". By seeking "enemies" other than oneself and shirking their own responsibilities, mankind has finally forged a group personality model of "victims" that "there is always someone who wants to harm me" through thousands of years of repeated forging. And righteously occupied the highest point of human morality and ethics. Thus, human beings are further and further away from truth and wisdom in this "spiritual opium" dependence...

Why is that? We unzip the human suffering to see that when the source of all suffering has gone to the "enemy outside", all suffering is "inflicted" on me by others, and I am the victor who is "always right" and does not bear any responsibility for the suffering. The always-right victor has since become "the complaining old lady in the square," and can obtain "sympathy" from many sources without taking responsibility for her own suffering. This kind of sympathy, for the "always right" suffering, is a kind of "spiritual opium". When you think he is miserable, in fact, he is immersed in a kind of alternative "enjoyment", this enjoyment, is hidden in his denouncing the "perpetrator" of countless sympathy, found that "do not take responsibility for their own suffering" in the posture of the winner was born, this is a significant very enjoyable "spiritual victory" method. Mr. Lu Xun almost a hundred years ago in the Xianglin sister-in-law and AhQI've shown it in my body.

Misery is the alarm clock to wisdom (Part 1)

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