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The 17th anniversary celebration of Huanze

Released Date: Nov 23,2021 Article Source: HUANZE
This year is the 17th year since the establishment of Ringze. On this occasion, our company also organized all colleagues and their families to participate in the 17th anniversary of Ringze.

This year marks the first time since the founding of Ringze17At this time, our company also organized all colleagues and their families to participate in the Huanze17The anniversary celebration.


This time17The anniversary is celebrated2God, it's on an eco-farm. There are a variety of crafts and activities in the farm, such as making pizza, hand-painted kite, making green ball, making rock sugar gourd and so on. Because my colleagues brought their children to participate in this activity, we also took into account the preferences of children.


At the beginning of the activity, the teacher also created a happy atmosphere, adults and children together to pick the green group needs to do wild wormwood, and then according to the teacher's teaching methods have made a perfect green group. Afternoon manual experience is hand-painted kite, according to their own ideas to draw a variety of kites, ultraman, small animals and other patterns, when the kite in the field flying up, the children are particularly happy, adults seem to have returned to childhood,. In the evening, we also prepared a lot of fireworks, fireworks bloom in the sky shape, also contains our good wishes for the future development of Huanze.


The next morning we experienced the countryside green road outing, breathing the fresh rural air, looking at the roadside green trees, and dim mist around the side, the body and mind also feel relaxed. At noon, we tried to make pizza according to the ingredients provided by the teacher who led the team. When we tasted the pizza, we also realized the hard-won food.


       17Over the years, Lianze has always understood that employees are the blood of the company, and their families are the moral support of employees.17Over the past years, Huanze has been working as one, experiencing but also overcoming many difficulties and frustrations.17Over the years, Huanze is inseparable from the support of all customers along the way. On the occasion17On the occasion of the anniversary, we are grateful to our colleagues, families, customers and all. We will continue to work hard in overseas companies, domestic and international tax affairs and intellectual property rights at home and abroad.


We focus on providing corporate audit, tax declaration, registration, annual inspection, tax planning and other services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and other regions. Efficient, rigorous, intimate service has been favored by many large state-owned enterprises and listed enterprises.

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