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As the New Year approaches, Huanze holds an activity to write "Fu"

Released Date: Dec 02,2021 Article Source: HUANZE
As the New Year is approaching, every household will put up the word "Fu". Huanze also organized the whole company's colleagues to carry out a meaningful activity -- writing "Fu". This activity was honored to invite the calligraphy teacher Mr. Guyuan to our company to guide everyone.

The New Year is coming.Every house has to put it up"Blessing" word, Ring Ze also organized the whole company colleagues to carry out a meaningfulactivity-- To write "Fu", this activity is honored to invite the calligraphy teacher Mr. Gu Yuan to our company to guide everyone.

First the teacher passesThe original structure of the word "fu" and several different writing methods to explain to you the source of the word "fu", with the teacher's explanation, we use the brush to write Fu in the process of calligraphy knowledge also have a little understanding, such as the pen must be perpendicular to the paper, the stroke horizontal thin vertical thick.


After having some experience in calligraphy, the teacher also told us about his own experience in calligraphy, and showed us the stele of Yan's family temple in the forest of stele in Xi 'an and Yan Zhenqing's Manuscript of Offering Sacrifices to his Nephew, and said that Yan Zhenqing was his"Idol". Yan Zhenqing is a very strong calligrapher, created the "Yan style" regular script, as one of the "four regular script". In the process of Teacher Gu's explanation, we can feel Yan Zhenqing's emotional ups and downs through his characters and font changes, which is an experience we have never experienced before.


Now that you know the story of calligraphy,The meaning and writing of the word "fu" also understand, the next is the performance of the colleagues of the moment, think about their own writing "Fu" to stick on the door of their own, we can be a full strength, or write "interesting", or write "chic", in the process of laughter.

Finally, for this activity, we also said their own experience, but also thank Mr. Gu's participation, let us have this impressive activity. And finally, you take your own"F" together, the face is filled with a smile, so full of everyone's emotions after the "F" stick to the door, will also give you in2022Year to bring full blessing!

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