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24 2021.03

How to decide whether to use Hong Kong resources temporarily

In daily life, how can we judge whether our business occupies Hong Kong resources? What conditions s...
23 2021.03

Should a Hong Kong company have a basic organizational structure and staffing?

Many domestic do foreign trade/Enterprises with international business often have companies register...
23 2021.03

What do Hong Kong companies need to prepare for tax return?

Mainland tax declaration monthly, quarterly, annual report,And Hong Kong and the mainland of the tax...
22 2021.03

Tax knowledge must be mastered in the audit process of a Hong Kong company

Hong Kong is a key management center for international investment, trade and shipping in Asia. In th...
22 2021.03

Difference in commission expenditure between Mainland and Hong Kong

During the audit in Hong Kong, it was found that many companies would incur commission expenses due ...
21 2021.03

What information does a Hong Kong company need to open a bank account in Hong Kong

2021The major bank account policy tightening, audit is more strict than before, how to ensure the su...
20 2021.03

Hong Kong audit closing date

Is there any difference between the audit period of a company in Hong Kong and that in mainland Chin...
19 2021.03

Hong Kong company audit needs to pay attention to bank documents

With the passing of the epidemic, international trade has picked up significantly recently, so many ...
18 2021.03

Does a Hong Kong company need to declare tax after registration?

Hong Kong company tax is generally divided into two kinds, operating and not operating, Hong Kong co...
18 2021.03

Why do Hong Kong companies audit?

If your Hong Kong company audit is not handled on time, then when the tax table issued by the Hong K...

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