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04 2022.07

What is capital reserve?

In the audit of companies in Hong Kong, few companies have the capital reserve project, but in the r...
03 2022.07

Know these tax policies before you register a Hong Kong company!

With the development of economy, now more and more mainland enterprises will choose to register thei...
01 2022.07

Which financial accounts do Hong Kong companies need confirmation for auditing?

The Hong Kong government requires Hong Kong companies to be audited every fiscal year in Hong Kong, ...
30 2022.06

What should a Hong Kong company do when audited?

Many people in the mainland do international trade, and most of them will set up companies in Hong K...
29 2022.06

How can a Hong Kong company make an employer declaration on employees' wages?

After the establishment of the Hong Kong company, it shall manage the company in accordance with the...
28 2022.06

What are the ways for Hong Kong companies to pay profits tax?

If a Hong Kong company receives a profit tax payment notice from the Hong Kong Government, it needs ...
27 2022.06

Can a Hong Kong company change directors after registration?

At the time of incorporation of a Hong Kong company, at least one natural person must be appointed a...
26 2022.06

What are the functions of filing for overseas investment?

Domestic enterprises investing in companies outside the Chinese mainland, including Hong Kong, Macao...
22 2022.06

What is the difference between Dubai offshore company and onshore company?

There are two types of companies incorporated in Dubai: onshore and offshore. Many customers do not ...
21 2022.06

How does Hong Kong company transfer money to individual account?

Many entrepreneurs registered in Hong Kong, the subsequent Hong Kong company account may occur with ...