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17 2022.08

Does the account of the Hong Kong company need to be confirmed?

In normal operation, a Hong Kong company is required to make a formal audit report every year in acc...
16 2022.08

If there are resolutions that need to be signed face to face in the document of a Chinese notary, what should be included?

When Hong Kong companies invest in mainland China, they need to make relevant Chinese notary documen...
16 2022.08

Can the articles of association of Hong Kong company be amended?

Recently, some customers have asked whether the articles of association of the Hong Kong company can...
15 2022.08

Can the Hong Kong company apply for extension when it is time to declare tax?

2019The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the day-to-day operations of enterprises since 2000, T...
15 2022.08

Does the bank deposit account of the Hong Kong company need to be confirmed after it is cancelled during the audit?

Does Hong Kong company audit have bank deposits need to be verified? The answer is yes, if any bank ...
14 2022.08

Hong Kong company registered after the annual need to pay attention to what matters?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it needs annual audit and account audit every year. Ho...
13 2022.08

Hong Kong company audit tax declaration should be clear profits tax credit principle!

After setting up a Hong Kong company in Hong Kong, I have a certain understanding of the relevant ta...
12 2022.08

How to distinguish a standard of value for corporate audit and tax return services in Hong Kong?

Audit fees vary in Hong Kong companies, mainly based on the auditor's professional degree, audit ser...
11 2022.08

Why apply for a Singapore Family office?

Many people choose to register their companies in Singapore, apply for a Singapore work visa, or eve...
11 2022.08

Singapore registered company how to improve the success rate of account opening?

As an important financial center in Asia, Singapore has a superior geographical location and develop...