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How does the Inland Revenue Department handle tax refunds?

Released Date: Aug 22,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

How does the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department handle tax refund if the client Hong Kong company has overpaid tax?

customerHong Kong companyHow does the Inland Revenue Department handle the refund of tax overpaid?

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department will return it to your Hong Kong company in the form of a cheque, which will be sent to the customer by flat mailHong Kong companyThe last mailing address provided. If there is a change of mailing address, customers should inform the Inland Revenue Department as soon as possible to avoid delay. The rebate cheque must be issued on the date of the cheque6To be deposited into your bank account within a month of the due date, if any overdue payment can be used to offset your tax liability; If a refund check is lost or not received,Hong Kong companyFor a replacement refund cheque, the customer should make an application in writing to the Inland Revenue Department stating his or her name, file number, tax refund number or the relevant year of assessment and contact telephone number. You can send your application by mail to Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong5Revenue tower No.5Tax refund section, tax refund section should arrange with the bank to stop the payment of the cheque before reissuing the cheque. It usually takes time4About a week.

How does the Inland Revenue Department handle tax refunds?

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