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28 2022.12

Are wages paid to individuals in Hong Kong subject to salaries tax in Hong Kong?

Whether the wages paid to individuals in Hong Kong are subject to salaries tax in Hong Kong depends ...
27 2022.12

Will the opinions of Hong Kong company audit report have an impact on the operation of the company?

As we all know, one of the items in the audit report is the auditor's opinion on the report, and in ...
26 2022.12

How can an offshore claim by a Hong Kong company be considered successful?

Many people register companies in Hong Kong because of the tax advantages of Hong Kong. Hong Kong ta...
25 2022.12

What are the advantages of registering a Malaysian company?

First of all, Malaysia is a member of the British Association and an influential country in economic...
24 2022.12

Does the Hong Kong company need to make an audit report?

Many bosses of Hong Kong companies are mainlanders, so they do not know that Hong Kong's company law...
23 2022.12

What are the advantages of registering a Cayman company?

We know that many enterprises will choose to register their companies in Hong Kong to operate intern...
22 2022.12

How do Hong Kong banks remit money?

Now bank payment is becoming more and more convenient, but some banks may still require remittance. ...
18 2022.12

About the United States Delaware company introduction analysis!

U.S. corporations are taxed globally. There are two main types of corporations:C CORPwithLLCThe comp...
17 2022.12

How to avoid international double taxation case analysis?

Recently, one of our clients received the tax form of departure tax paid on behalf of Hong Kong Tax ...
16 2022.12

What information should be provided for a company audit in Hong Kong?

Close to the end of the year, the Hong Kong company's closing date is12month31The client may have to...

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