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Analysis of tax incentives for Singapore companies

Released Date: Feb 26,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

There is a global tax in Singapore. After the after-tax dividend, will the dividend received by the shareholders (mainland Chinese with Singapore work visa) be taxed in Singapore?

As we all know, companies generally get their money from a number of sources2One is the income from the company's operation, the other is the income from the company's investment, andSingapore CorporationTax benefits vary for different sources of income.

First:Singapore CorporationIncome derived from operations must be subject to income tax in Singapore, whether the company buys and sells from Indonesia to Europe or trades within Singapore. Regardless of whether the profit is related to Singapore, it is subject to income tax in Singapore,Net profit is taxed after deducting all costs17%To pay tax, but Singapore now has a certain preferential corporate income tax, normal taxable income before the medium10,000Singapore dollar to enjoy75%The enterprise income tax exemption, after the taxable income190,000Singapore dollar to enjoy50%The corporate income tax exemption. The taxable income of a newly formed Singapore (tax) resident enterprise in the middle, before100,000Available in Singapore dollars75%Tax exemption,100,001-200,000 Available in Singapore dollars50%Is a tax break.

Second:Singapore CorporationIncome derived from investment is eligible for exemption from investment income tax in Singapore. There are two main conditions for exemption:1.Whether the host country of the invested enterprise has signed a tax treaty with Singapore. (Singapore has signed up with 80 percent of the world's countries).2.The income tax rate of the country in which the enterprise is invested≥10%. In line with the above requirements, the dividend will be taxed in principle when it returns to Singapore, but the Singapore government can exempt it, so if the exemption is passed, the investment income tax will not be paid in Singapore.

Analysis of tax incentives for Singapore companies

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