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What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company for foreign trade?

Released Date: Feb 28,2021 Article Source: HUANZE

What are the benefits of registered companies in Hong Kong for foreign trade? There are the following advantages:

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company for foreign trade?Specific advantages are as follows:

1Hong Kong has a low corporate tax rate and a narrow tax base. Except for specific industries, companies in Hong Kong are taxed only on profits. Hong Kong corporation profits tax rate is16.5%If the profit is less than200WThere is also a discount for Hong Kong dollars8.25%. If the company's business is offshore and does not take up any resources in Hong Kong, offshore income can also be exempted from profits tax. For example, if the goods are not manufactured in Hong Kong, the goods do not pass through Hong Kong, the customers do not know Hong Kong, the business is not negotiated in Hong Kong, the shareholders do not participate in Hong Kong exhibitions, do not advertise in Hong Kong, the directors do not have Hong Kong people, and do not occupy Hong Kong resources, they can apply for tax exemption of offshore income.

2There is no foreign exchange control in Hong Kong, so it is very convenient to receive and pay. Unlike domestic companies, which have foreign exchange control for receiving and paying, payment can be received only after the contract invoice is provided and approved by the bank.

3Hong Kong is an international financial center, international trade center, registered Hong Kong companies can enhance the company image and overall competitiveness. In addition, some customers will require cooperation only with Hong Kong companies, not with domestic companies, so the registration of Hong Kong companies is also very helpful for the company to carry out business.

To sum up, the registration of a Hong Kong company has great benefits for the foreign trade industry. First, it can reduce the tax cost, second, it is very convenient to receive and pay without foreign exchange control, and third, the corporate image and overall competitiveness will be greatly improved.

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company for foreign trade?

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