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What are the common taxes of registered Dubai company?

Released Date: Oct 05,2021 Article Source: HUANZE

The company registered in Dubai has the characteristics of narrow tax base and low tax rate. There are three common taxes:

inDubai incorporated companyWith a narrow tax base and low tax rate, there are three common tax types:

First: duty. If the trading company in Dubai bonded zone sells the product to the company in UAE non-bonded zone, it needs to be paid by the clearance party (usually the buyer)5%But not if the Dubai trading company's purchases and sales are made outside the United Arab Emirates.

Second: income tax, Dubai corporation's income tax, the government promised from the date of establishment50Exemption from income tax during the year.

Third: Value added Tax, DubaiVAT in2018years1month1The beginning of the day, the official implementation, the tax point is5%, the sale of goods in the UAE will incur VAT if the business's taxable sales exceed375,000Dirham's mandatory registration threshold, businesses must register for VAT. In addition, if a business's taxable sales are below the mandatory registration threshold but above187,500Dirham, businesses can register for VAT voluntarily. Similarly, businesses can register voluntarily if their operating costs exceed the threshold for voluntary registration. The last opportunity for voluntary registration is designed to enable start-ups to register without turnover to pay VAT.

What are the common taxes of registered Dubai company?

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