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New Year message - Ring Ze 17 years, thank you

Released Date: Jan 01,2021 Article Source: HUANZE
"Huanze" started to develop in Chengdu in May 2004, has been rooted in Chengdu for 16 years, and has its own 7 service outlets in the country, so as to better serve customers all over the country. In the middle experienced a variety of ups and downs and difficulties, even a few times in the edge of "death", finally through their own and the company's colleagues and God's care, mercy, to climb out of the "hell"

      "Ring Ze" is from04years5It began to develop in Chengdu in January and has taken root in Chengdu so far16In the country also has its own7Large service outlets, so as to better serve customers all over the country. In the process, I went through various ups and downs and even teetering on the brink of "death" for several times. Finally, I climbed out of the "hell" through the joint efforts of myself and all my colleagues in the company as well as the providence and mercy of God. After climbing out of the hell, the company's professionalism, service and performance were much improved compared to before, because I always believe that there is an opportunity in danger. In addition to risk prevention, I will try my best to explore and discover "opportunities and opportunities in crisis".2020The world is experiencing a major epidemic and financial crisis, but I believe that with the joint efforts of the whole world, the crisis will soon be over, and "Ring Ze" will definitely survive this crisis, because I believe that God favors "stupid children".

Now that I'm in my 40s, through my own efforts and the grace and mercy of God, I have5Here are some life insights to share with you:

First, the ups and downs in life, difficulties and misfortune is a good opportunity to hone in life: if there is no such experience in life, I think its life is boring and boring.

In work and life will encounter a variety of ups and downs, difficulties and misfortune, we should be glad to meet them, because they become valuable experience and experience in our life, may come90More than years old, suddenly look back, they are our life experience one by one "scenery line". When will life stop experiencing these things, is the day you die, so meeting them is worth celebrating, proof that I am still alive. As we rise above the ups and downs, difficulties and misfortunes, we grow stronger in our hearts, and when the day comes, we will be able to face it with ease.

In a nutshell: Environment by the heart, when you are optimistic, positive attitude to face things, you see is "spring to flowers everywhere show,The mountains, rivers and earth are the Tathagata ".

2. Always be humble and in awe:

1No matter how strong one's wealth, power and ability are, compared with heaven and earth, they are just like dust, so we should always keep a humble and respectful heart to treat things.

2Live in the present, the past things whether good, general, or unsatisfactory, will become history, do not too much aftertaste, happy and sad are meaningless, only the moment is the most real, no matter how the current environment, to do down-to-earth, step by step to move forward with heart, it will certainly be better than did not do or cope with do.

Three, neither break nor stand, will break the original cognition or lack of, so that their vision and pattern further improved.

Ringze Cong2011In the beginning of the network promotion, investment in the network and income is inversely proportional, simply put, is very bad, even can be used to describe the word miserable. Since the long-term investment in the Internet is not proportional to the income, so in2020At the beginning of the year, I took it for granted that I didn't need to spend any more money on the Internet because it was hard to get business online consistently. However, in the second half of this year, I learned network promotion and operation again, and realized why the company did not continuously receive new business on the network. The main reason was that I did not have systematic thinking in Internet promotion, the company's website did not highlight the company's core business and advantages, meanwhile, the company did not have enough knowledge in network promotion and operation, and the company did not have its own network operation team. So you get very little traffic on the Internet. In this year12The company has rebuilt a new website this monthwww.hzgs99.com, have their own network team to operate, so in2021After years of network sources, I am very confident and look forward to.

Recently, I have come to a new understanding of not breaking but not breaking: a life that blooms from the inside out will have more lasting energy and passion. The more ups and downs you go through, the more your ability and experience will improve, the more confident you will become (not arrogant), and the more you will influence and help others. True passion from the heart is not driven by the atmosphere, but by its own bloom, thus driving the atmosphere.

An egg broken from the inside is life, and broken from the outside is food.


(Neither break nor stand)

       Four, the heart of the law, the solution to the problem is much more than the problem itself.

       In the focus on their own industry, always "summary", "knowledge", "innovation", understand the market situation and dynamics of their own industry, at the same time, innovation is good at finding problems, and in this road encountered difficulties, we should "unite the company's colleagues, brainstorm, exhaust methods" to solve, In this way, we will get more methods and inspiration in our work and life, and over time, our experience, ability and confidence (self-confidence) will increase bit by bit. Because we must believe that the solution to the problem is much more than the problem itself, such as1+1+3=5.2+3=5.1+1+1+2=5.2.1+2.9=5.2.5*2=5.1+4=5.6-1=5And so on.

        Five, focus, and strive to become a craftsman of excellence

       Without realizing it, Huanze has taken root in Chengdu16And from today on also began to step into the No17For a year. The global economy will slowly recover in the second half of next year at the latest, as the vaccine starts to be vaccinated worldwide. When China becomes the world's largest economy, it is certain that all walks of life will be full of various temptations, opportunities and challenges. I think I and the company's core executives should be able to withstand these temptations. In addition, I focus more on my own industry and become more professional (tax planning, auditing, registration, annual inspection and other businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and other companies; As well as domestic and foreign tax planning, intellectual property and other related businesses). Although the market size of our industry is not large, I believe that even a small industry, as long as it is done to the extreme, will get rich returns.

       Finally, I hope to get God's care and mercy, so that Huanze roots again30Years, while30After the year, when I72Age, should retire, successors can do well, I don't care.

       Wish you all: Happy New Year! All diseases are impervious to attack! Family health!

       The global epidemic will disappear soon! China is rich and strong! Look forward to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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