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Singapore Tech Pass

Released Date: May 18,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

SingaporeTech PassThis Permit does not need to be job-related. The applicant does not need to be employed by any local company.

SingaporeTech PassThis Permit does not need to be job-related. The applicant does not need to be employed by any local company. Existing Employment Permit in Singapore (EP) and work Permit (SPorWP), applicants must be employed by a local enterprise, and the minimum wage threshold for the corresponding permit is set by the Ministry of Manpower. But the technology license is more of an individual, with no minimum threshold required. The permit will be issued from2021years1Open for application in January and open every year500A spot.

To apply for this permit, two out of three criteria must be met: a fixed monthly salary of at least S $20,000 in the past year; Used to be at least5$100 million or have at least3000Minimum five years in a leadership position in a $10,000 tech company; Has led the development of a technology product that has at least the number of active users10Ten thousand, or income at least1A hundred million dollars.

Information required for application of this Permit:Tech.PassApplication form; Scanned copy of the applicant's passport; Applicant past3A monthly paycheck or the latest tax return; Company valuation report, annual report or financial statement (highlighting company valuation); Company capital data; Other documents representing valuation, such as public information, e.gPitchbookorCrunchbase. Product monthly active user report; Screen shots of application download data; Other documents that describe the monthly active users of the product or the revenue generated by the product (e.g., marketing documents).

SingaporeTech PassScience and technology talent permit

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