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What are the requirements for opening an account in Singapore?

Released Date: Apr 13,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

After the registration of Singapore companies generally have to go to the bank to open a bank account, so Singapore companies in the bank to open an account what requirements, let's talk about.

registerSingapore CorporationAfter that, we usually have to go to the bank to open a bank account. So what are the requirements for Singapore companies to open an account in the bank? Let's talk about it below.

First registrationSingapore CorporationIt requires a Singaporean to be a director, otherwise the company cannot be registered. Then there is a requirement for Singaporeans to sit on the board.

Secondly, when opening an account, the bank requires itSingapore CorporationOne of the shareholders must be of Singaporean nationality, so the shareholder must be of Singaporean nationality.

Finally, there are requirements for the operation of the companySingapore CorporationNot less than20%Business is conducted with Singapore enterprises, so Singapore companies also have requirements for business development. They must conduct business with local enterprises in Singapore, or they will not open an account.

To sum upSingapore CorporationTo open an account in a bank, there are corresponding requirements for directors, shareholders and the company's business operation, which must be met before you can open an account, otherwise you cannot open an account.

What are the requirements for opening an account in Singapore?

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