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Do companies registered in Hong Kong need to pay profits tax?

Released Date: Jun 13,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

 In Hong Kong, the collection standard of profits tax is based on the territorial principle. Due to this feature, many enterprises registered in Hong Kong for the purpose of enjoying this preferential policy and reducing the tax cost of enterprises. In Hong Kong registered companies, only the resources occupied in Hong Kong need to pay profits tax.

 In Hong Kong, profits tax is levied according to the principle of territoriality, and many enterprises are inHong Kong incorporated companyIn order to enjoy this preferential policy, reduce the tax cost of enterprises, inHong Kong incorporated company, only if they occupy Hong Kong's resources.

Many mainland companies have set up operations in Hong Kong, some purely offshore, some purely onshore, some both onshore and offshore. In view of these situations in the audit of Hong Kong companies, we have to analyze the specific problems.

If it is purely onshore trade, the profits generated must be subject to profits tax in Hong Kong. If it is purely offshore trade, the profits generated in Hong Kong do not need to be subject to profits tax in Hong Kong. If it is both onshore and offshore, it will have to be separated from onshore and offshore, and the audit of the company in Hong Kong will have to be divided according to the actual operation of the company.

Therefore, to audit Hong Kong companies, it is necessary to find a professional institution and analyze the specific situation of the company. We should not blindly set up the company, otherwise we will not enjoy the tax policy, but may increase the tax cost.

Do companies registered in Hong Kong need to pay profits tax?

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