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What are the requirements for shareholders and directors to be incorporated in Hong Kong?

Released Date: Jan 11,2021 Article Source: HUANZE

How should personal salaries tax be levied on the remuneration of directors or shareholders in the course of operation of a Hong Kong company? Maybe some customers do not understand the tax system in Hong Kong, so today we will take a look at the threshold of personal salaries tax in Hong Kong.

When the customer plans to establish a company in Hong Kong, in addition to the name of the Hong Kong company, it is particularly important to confirm the shareholders and directors of the Hong Kong company, but in the process of confirming the shareholders and directors, what should we pay attention to? Next, Huanze Xiaobian to share with you:

The shareholders and directors of a Hong Kong company may be the same or more than one person. There are no restrictions on the nationality of shareholders and directors of Hong Kong companies18After one year, people of any nationality can become shareholders and directors. Shareholders and directors shall provide identification documents (ID card or passport copy); Proof of address: the latest proof of address within the last three months, such as: credit card statement, Water, electricity and gas bills , the address certificate issued by the property, community and police. Name, time, address, No Seal of the three parties]); General mainland customers to establish a Hong Kong company, as long as the number of years18Mainlanders can own a Hong Kong limited company by the age of one. However, in order to meet the needs of the company to open an account in the later period, we suggest that the shareholders and directors of the company had better be individuals of a certain age and with certain business qualifications, which is more conducive to the successful opening of bank accounts.

How can a Hong Kong company pay profits tax by telegraphic transfer

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