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How do Hong Kong companies transfer shares?

Released Date: Dec 20,2021 Article Source: HUANZE

Transfer of shares of Hong Kong companies that do not operate in Hong Kong, only the old and new shareholders need to sign the signature document of the transfer of shares. Hong Kong companies with operations to do equity transfer, in addition to the need to submit signed documents for the transfer of shares, also need to provide a deadline of the last three months of financial statements or auditors report.

Conversion of shares by Hong Kong companyFor non-operational Hong Kong companies, equity transfer, only the old and new shareholders to sign the signature documents can be transferred. For the Hong Kong company with operations to do equity transfer, in addition to the submission of signature documents for share transfer, it is also required to provide financial statements or auditors' reports within the last three months, according to which the share value of the Hong Kong company per share (net assets of the company) can be calculated/Number of company shares=Share value per share ), work out that it should beConversion of shares by Hong Kong companyStamp duty payable ( Share value per share*Number of shares transferred*0.002=Stamp duty), the final stamp duty payable shall be calculated by the staff of the Inland Revenue Department.

Because the tax and stamp duty printed in the transfer of shares need to be paid on the spot when submitting the transfer document. If the company involves a large amount of money, it can prepare a blank check for the amount of money to the Hong Kong Tax Bureau. After the tax bureau staff calculates the tax due to the transfer of shares, it can fill in the check on the spot to avoid a wasted trip.

A final note:Conversion of shares by Hong Kong companyThe amount involved in the share transfer needs to be filled in the signature document, but because each company is different, some companies registered capital is Hong Kong dollar, some registered capital is US dollar or other currencies, so it is necessary to check more to avoid mistakes and omissions.

How do Hong Kong companies transfer shares?

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