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Olympic athletes' names have been rejected for trademarks! Why?

Released Date: Apr 27,2022 Article Source: HUANZE
Recently, companies and individuals have applied to register trademarks such as "Yang Qian", "Chen Meng", "Quan Hong Chan", "Xingge" and "Tian Shen", all of which are the names of Olympic athletes or hot words related to them. Subsequently, according to Article 10, Paragraph 1 (8) of the Trademark Law, the State Intellectual Property Office: Signs that are harmful to socialist morals and customs or have other adverse effects shall not be used as trademarks, and 109 applications for trademark registration, including No. 58130606 "Yang Qian", No. 58108579 "Chen Meng" and No. 58265645 "Quan Hong Chan", shall be rejected.

       Recently, enterprises or individuals have applied to register "Yang Qian", "Chen Meng", "Quan Hong Chan", "Xingge", "Tian Shen" and so ontrademarkThese trademarks are the names of Olympic athletes or buzzwords that have a specific relationship with them. Subsequently, the State Intellectual Property Office, in accordance with Article 10, Paragraph 1 (8) of the Trademark Law, stated that marks harmful to socialist morals or having other adverse effects may not be used as trademarks58130606No. "Yang Qian", No58108579No. "Chen Meng", No58265645"Total red Chan" and so on109atrademarkThe application for registration is rejected.

       The State Intellectual Property Office dealt with the malicious registration case in a "quick, accurate and ruthless" manner. It took less than one month for the application to be rejected, which was rejected according to law109atrademarkApplication, and to the applicant and agency serious treatment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Olympic athletes, crack down on malicious squatting behavior. When applying for a registered trademark is meaningful, it is not feasible to register with malicious intent.

Olympic athletes' names have been rejected for trademarks! Why?

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