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The dynamic balance of land policy makes China a country of the people (C)

Released Date: Dec 27,2020 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company

Through unity, we can achieve the harmony and unity of the truth of external and internal wisdom, and complete the construction of the ultimate wisdom belief of the unity of heaven and man, which is the great wisdom of the integration of internal and external aspects. So we see an organizational system full of countless individual heroes who have no regrets and sacrificed their lives for the ultimate wisdom belief. Without the understanding and construction of the belief in the ultimate wisdom of the universe without self, it is impossible to have the brave spirit of sacrifice in the history of Chinese revolution. This is an incredible chapter in human history.

In thousands of years of Chinese history, land policy has not been straightened out (including world history). The struggle for land ownership has always been the main social contradiction in the long history of China. According to the logic of the imperial system, all the world belonged to the emperor, so the land and everything on the land belonged to the royal family. However, for the people on the land, they could own the land (being the head of the family of the landed literati and officials was almost the ideal of all the common people)Is the highest ideal of the people. In every peasant uprising, the revolutionary slogan has been the land policy. Since history, land is the core resource of agricultural society. In the historical evolution of not only China, but also the whole world, the core direction of social contradictions is the polarization of wealth distribution. A few people occupy land resources greedily and foolishly, which leads to the monopoly of social wealth by a few families, resulting in the loss of land for the vast majority of people. It is certain that the vast majority of people cannot survive before revolution takes place. And revolution must eventually lead to destructive war. Political changes are almost always driven by the intensification of contradictions, as far as Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, the Spartan uprising, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Russian Revolution led by Lenin. Although many wars in Western history were fought between city-states for more land resources, the basic logic was still to fight for land, the only living resource.


1949 Land was nationalized (thus completely eliminating the annexation and monopoly of land resources, thus fundamentally eliminating the proletarianization of peasants). This is now seen as China's most crucial step towards political and economic peace and stability. However, from the subjective point of view, the people's commune cooperative movement overestimated the conscious initiative of human consciousness, and objectively, it played a negative role in stimulating productive forces (people's communes have low labor efficiency). The underlying logic of nationalization of land policy is to make Chinese farmers become the real owners of land forever and always have the right to use and cultivate land resources. Why aren't farmers given title to sunken land? This is what the evolution of human history tells us, in fact, the privatization of land ownership has been the mainstream of human history for thousands of years, but the evolution of human history is almost a history of the suffering of the poor people. The source of the misery, however, often centers on one thing: privatised land ownership systems that invariably deprive farmers of land resources.

Human has been walking humanity, and the greed of humanity will always let it walk in the "loss of insufficient and make up more" "humanity" concept, humanity is not able to withstand the test, greed and stupid selfishness, is the constant ancient mainstream of human nature. Although such foolish greed, will eventually suffer from the cycle of punishment (by the revolutionaries violent resistance and massacre). But human beings almost never gain any growth from the lessons of history. As Hegel said, the only lesson human beings learn from history is that they never learn any lessons. So the privatization of land ownership, in particular, is fueling this polarizing game of greed and stupidity. This is the most important political proposition in building a society in which the people are masters of their own affairs. It should be said that so far in human history, there has never been a land ownership system that balances political, social and capital forces better than China's land ownership system. The system design of land ownership right, contract right and management right is completed in a dynamic balance.

It not only guarantees the farmers' permanent farming right to use land resources, but also completely eliminates the monopoly of comprador at the legal level through the nationalization of the land system, and the possibility of capital eroding the land resources of vulnerable farmers, fundamentally breaking off the historical vicious circle of the disparity between the rich and the poor.


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