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What kind of China-Us relationship will be the world's biggest boon?

Released Date: Oct 11,2021 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
The China-Us relationship is the most important existence in the 21st century. No matter how much "hostile" rhetoric there is between China and the US, it cannot change the fact that China and the US are interdependent.

China-us relations, yes21The world's most important presence in the century, no matter how much almost "hostile" rhetoric there is between China and the United States, can not change the fact that China and the United States are interdependent.

In terms of understanding the truth, China realized this much earlier than the United States. The cognitive difference between the two countries can be seen from their descriptions of the positioning of Sino-US relations. The US repeatedly emphasizes "competition" in its descriptions of the positioning of Sino-US relations. This suggests that the United States' perception of China's revival, especially its own "No. 1 power" status may be shaken, is more of a "challenge from China". China, as a re-emerging power, is a consistent Oriental power culture of "peaceful rejuvenation". It is difficult for the United States to understand and adapt in such a short time. First, considering the history of China's resurgence, the United States will not believe that China will not seek hegemony after its resurgence. This is called "do not talk with summer insects ice". You let a bug that has not lived through the winter, to tell the beauty of winter, it will not understand. Unless, that is, you have a way to make it survive at least one winter with you. Second, America's fear of a resurgent China today is one that cannot be helped by external efforts. In other words, the way to eliminate any fear is not to look for solutions from the outside. It is to let itself accept all the changes in the world from within. All the efforts of the United States today to block China's revival are struggling in pretence. No matter how long it struggles, it will be useless. The end result must be that it accepts China's revival from the heart, so that its fear can be removed. Only when the United States accepts the fact of China's revival from its heart and restores its relationship with China to that of "brother and mother from another father" can the world truly embark on the road of unity. This is also the ultimate pursuit of the rejuvenation of Chinese civilization...

From the very beginning, China has embraced China-Us relations. Of course, without the Korean War, the new China, with only one percent of the national strength of the United States, invaded Korea and fought the American armed to the teeth. Nor would it have brought the US President's ice-breaking trip to China-Us relations.

We have never used competition as a position in China-Us relations. The chairman was also well aware that the imperialist nature of the United States would take time to dissolve.

Just as Comrade Xiaoping said when he made the important policy of reform and opening up, he told us with his penetrating eyes that in today's world, all countries that have good relations with the United States are developing very well. Therefore, we should also attach importance to good relations with the United States...

The relationship between China and the United States is a relationship that is growing closer and closer. Now both sides have come to realize that between China and the United States, no one can beat the other and no one can live without the other. This is near100The truth about what the U.S.-China relationship will look like in 2009.

Of course, at this hour today, we can still see the so-called oppression of China by the US. In time (probably not more than10When China has really completed the road of great power rejuvenation in various indicators, the United States will surely reconcile with its own fear of China's rejuvenation. After eliminating its fear, the United States will surely revise its relationship with China and take the initiative to return to the road of Sino-US relationship positioning set by China.

future100In 2005, the Sino-US relations were all quarrelsome on the surface, but behind the scenes they were "brother from another mother". Such a China-Us relationship would be the biggest blessing for the world.

What kind of China-Us relationship will be the world's biggest boon?

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