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It is important to be in awe

Released Date: Feb 08,2023 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
In today's world, material prosperity has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. No matter rich or poor, all living beings float in the world with nowhere to rest at ease and become the norm of the present world. People do things without the bottom line, or in the face of huge interest temptation to be broken down the bottom line, also become normal.

In today's world, material prosperity has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. No matter rich or poor, all living beings float in the world with nowhere to rest at ease and become the norm of the present world. People do things without the bottom line, or in the face of huge interest temptation to be broken down the bottom line, also become normal.

We all can't fool ourselves, rich or poor, that we wake up every morning and sometimes feel that inexplicable undercurrent in our hearts. The indescribable loss lingers in the heart. What is lost? We don't know exactly. In fact, the flow of loss in the heart is telling us that our own life energy is losing. The world, always let us feel that something is not right, but let us to express, it seems that can not say clearly. Such an unexplainable state is rooted in our lives. This is the situation of the vast majority of people today.

The root cause of this universal problem is that we have not lived the true self, we have not found the true direction of life...

We always follow the inertia, put their own perspective on the outside world, to find the direction of life. This is exactly the opposite of the truth, which is the most fatal miscalculation of direction mankind has ever made. This misjudgment completely reversed black and white. In Buddhist law, this misjudgment is called reversed dream...

It is important to be in awe

       For this world, we will inadvertently appear in the behavior of the small evil, small good do not do the state. Why is that?

       Because many of us, under the influence of Westernized education, fundamentally lack the education of awe. In the West, in front of Westernized education, there is at least one religion that restrains the behavior of many people. In the East, we are not bound by religion. (In the Book of Changes, it is called that heaven is moving vigorously, and the gentleman is striving for self-improvement.) However, our education in the past 100 years, from the compilation of textbooks to the training of teachers, is basically westernized. We have largely failed to pass on to our generations the most fundamental things that are rooted in the roots of the underlying culture. This is our nearly 100 years, China's education most need to reflect on the pain point.

       What does it take to create a sense of awe? This is a problem for the ages. Why is it a problem? Take a look at how long our ancestors have left us the wisdom of respecting the heaven and loving the earth, and then take a look at how we are doing today, you will know why this matter has become an age-old problem.

       As evidenced by the Neijing of the Yellow Emperor, the dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and Qi Bo in the theory of Naivete in the ancient times said that the ancient people, who lived for hundreds or thousands of years, were just ordinary; Why? Others "quiet nihilism, spirit inside guard", so, disease never?

       These ancient people, why can do quiet nihilism, spiritual defense? It is not because they are lawless and have achieved absolute freedom as Westerners say. That is because they have an absolute reverence for heaven and earth, and an absolute reverence for the laws of heaven and earth. The respect for the laws of heaven and earth is almost lost to man today. In today's world, it was said in Confucius' time that rites and music were on the decline in his time. Look at our present day, the degree of rites and music on the decline is even worse than in Confucius' time.

       Many of our actions today either kill ourselves or kill each other. Colleagues do this, family do this, many friends also fall into this mode, why? Or the result of a loss of awe. Our mode of existence today, not to say let the ancient true people see, is to let2500Laozi, Confucius and Gautama years ago.When Siddhartha sees this, he will be appalled; After all, the enlightenment of the ancient sages about the workings of heaven and earth has left our descendants with unparalleled wisdom. But never thought, after them, human experience is closer3000Years of reproduction and development today, we not only do not get these wisdom, but it is farther and farther away from the wisdom of these ancient sages.

       Why do humans have to be so thoroughly awed? Do we do good merely to gain moral acclaim? It is no exaggeration to say that in these thousands of years, hypocrisy has always been abundant on a large scale in every corner of the world that the sun can illuminate, this is a true fact. But hypocrisy is a classic pattern of suicide. For the essence of hypocrisy, like vice, is evil, and the essence of evil is to reward one's own good. Many people think that this is because of the need for moral education, which is a big mistake.

       If we are enlightened, we will thoroughly believe that everything in this world and the body we consider ourselves is an integrated, impermanent and empty being.

       Integration means that we are one with the world, we are one. Any bit of good or bad that we unleash on the world is basically good or bad on ourselves.

       The meaning of impermanence and emptiness is that the world is changing all the time, including our own bodies, the bodies of the people closest to us, including our numerous desires, which are also changing all the time. That is to say, we cannot find anything in this world that is constant. The "I" that we think of ourselves is also changing all the time. From this point of view, "I" does not exist. And only this "perception" of our body as "I" is an ever-present being. However, this perception is always an indescribable being, whose character cannot be described. The Buddhist Dharma describes it as an existence that does not grow, perish, scale, purify, increase or decrease. Of course, it is also called the Tathagata or Buddha. The Tao method is called Tao, or Chang. Some religions call it God, some call it Lord. But in the name of religion, it has more anthropomorphic limitations. In the Dharma and the Dharma, it is an indescribably infinite and inconceivable being.

       So when we realize that what we think of as our physical self is an inverted perception; When we are in unity with that true permanence through awareness, we will now realize that our ancestors asked us to be good to others, to follow the good, and to always do good and evil for ourselves. The belief we should build is: Do not do even a shred of evil to all things in this world, because that is doing evil to ourselves, and we do even a shred of good to all things in this world, is to accumulate merit to ourselves. Knowing this wisdom, we are born in awe of all things in heaven and earth. This is the greatest energy wisdom of the world of all beings, and with this realization, the world will never fight. The world will always be peaceful...

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