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The annual one-off bonus tax incentive policy is deferred

Released Date: Jan 07,2022 Article Source: HUANZE
The year 2022 has already started, and the year-end bonus you are looking forward to will be paid one after another at the end of the year. For the annual one-off bonus, the tax bureau recently issued a tax extension policy, extending the annual one-off bonus tax incentive policy stipulated in (2018) No. 164 to December 31, 2023.

2022The year has begun, the end of the year everyone is looking forward to the year-end bonus will be paid one after another, for the annual one-time bonus recently the tax bureau issued a deferred tax policy, will (2018:164(1) The annual one-time bonus tax incentive policy, the implementation period is extended to2023years12month31Day. That is to say, in2023years12month31Before the date can still implement a separate tax policy is not incorporated into the comprehensive income of the year, then today for you to analyze the separate tax and combined tax what is the difference.

For example, Mr. Wang2022years1Monthly annual one-time bonus20000Yuan, if the combined income of the year is150000Yuan (excluding one-time bonus), not taking into account any other deductions, how much individual income tax should be paid for the annual one-time bonus separately? What is the individual tax payable on consolidated income?
()1) First determine the applicable tax rate and the number of quick deductions:20000*12=1666.67yuan
           (2) Use this quotient to find the consolidated income tax rate table on a monthly basis3%Tax sum0Number of quick deductions.
           (3Individual income tax shall be payable=20000*3%=600yuan
           (4)150000Individual income tax payable on comprehensive income=(150000-60000)=90000*10%-2520=6480yuan
           (5) Bonus is taxable after consolidated income=(150000+20000-60000)=110000*10%-2520=8480Yuan.

If tax is calculated separately, the total income tax of Mr. Wang in that year is:600+6480=7080Yuan, if incorporated into the current comprehensive income tax total8480Yuan, so separate tax can save1400Yuan.

Policy basis: finance and taxation [2018:164No.
                        Ministry of Finance Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation2021Annual regulation42No.

The annual one-off bonus tax incentive policy is deferred

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