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Hong Kong company has not been operating without cancellation and annual inspection will have what impact?

Released Date: Jan 19,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

According to the provisions of the Hong Kong Company Law, even if there is no operation of the Hong Kong company, the annual inspection of the Hong Kong company must be continued every year.

According to the Hong Kong Company Law, even if the Hong Kong company does not operate, it must be done every yearAnnual inspection of Hong Kong companyContinue. If you do not complete the annual inspection and do not cancel, the Hong Kong government will think you areAnnual inspection of Hong Kong companyOverdue, the Hong Kong overdue fine will be issued.

Annual inspection of Hong Kong companyoverdue43day~3Month isHKD870Starting, maximum fineHKD50,000And daily finesHKD700,The director shall bear the relevant legal liability; Fine for overdue business registration certificateHKD300; Employee return late penaltyHKD2,400Get up; Tax return late penaltyHKD3,000Get up. At the same time, those who do not pay fines can be directly understood as defaulting on government payments and becoming trust-breaking personnel. The government has the power to impose further punishments, such as restricting entry and exit, blacklisting commercial activities and even imposing punishment.

If the Hong Kong government issued a fine payment notice, the company still ignored it, and the Hong Kong government requested the Hong Kong court to issue a summons, requiring the Hong Kong company directors to go to the Hong Kong court to pay the fine owed to the Hong Kong government and bear the relevant legal liabilities. At the same time, if the important controller is on file, the government can directly list the director as delinquent to the government and a trust-breaking person. Restrictions on entry and exit, blacklisting of commercial activities and even punishment. And the Companies Registry1-2About years will also be removed from the company registration forced expulsion.So, if you no longer run the Hong Kong company, you'd better deal with itAnnual inspection of Hong Kong companyAnd cancellation procedures, to avoid more than worth the loss.

Hong Kong company has not been operating without cancellation and annual inspection will have what impact?

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