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C CORP tax

Released Date: Oct 19,2021 Article Source: HUANZE

C CORPThere are three taxes on corporations

C CORPThere are three types of taxes for companies:

(1) Sales tax (SALES TAXEach U.S. state government sets its own tax rate. Sales tax, like our previous domestic sales tax, is multiplied by the invoice amount by the state tax rate, with no deduction;

(2) Corporation tax (CORPORATE INCOME TAX) : Divided into federal government and state government, where the federal government tax rate is21%State corporate taxes are set by the state. Some state rates are0%, such as Texas;

The corporate tax approved by the United States government and state government will take the income (global, if any) and expenditure reported by the customer as reference, according to the United States tax law, which items can be deducted and which items cannot be deducted, and finally calculate the profit for tax purposes.
If the company has profits, it shall pay company tax in advance every quarter. If the company tax paid in advance for the whole year (four quarters) is less than the company tax payable for the whole year90%The following, there will be a fine.

(3) Individual income tax (individual income tax) : Divided into federal government and state government, the state government tax rate is about10%Some state taxes are0, the federal tax rate is10%-37%(For Americans).

United StatesC CORPCorporate tax

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