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Huanze organizes handmade mooncake making and tea ceremony experience activities for Mid-Autumn Festival

Released Date: Nov 03,2020 Article Source: HUANZE
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are a little different for us. Huanze organized the activities of making handmade ice skin mooncakes and experiencing tea ceremony. On the one hand, we can let our colleagues experience the fun of handicraft, on the other hand, we can learn about our country's ancient traditional culture and cultivate our body and mind. And the activity also has a theme ---- happiness, on which all the staff of Huanze expressed different opinions.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day we had a little different,CycloseThe activities of making ice skin mooncakes by hand and experiencing tea ceremony were organized. On the one hand, colleagues could experience the fun of handicraft, on the other hand, they could understand the ancient traditional culture of our country and cultivate their body and mind. And the event has a theme----Happiness, all the staff of Ring Ze have expressed different opinions on this.

Ring ze activity

In order to let everyone better integrate into the activity, the venue is a carefully selected tea room, and a number of tea sets are prepared for the experience. The process of the activity started from the idea of "happiness", which was the theme of the activity. All the employees of our company expressed their opinions freely, and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. "Happiness" might be a sudden moment of feeling, a word said to them by the children, a satisfying food, or a TV drama on the sofa at the weekend..........

Ring ze activity

The second part of the activity is the tea ceremony experience. Drinking tea can calm the mindSilenceGod, our country has had tea culture for thousands of years, but in modern society, there are not many people who can really calm down to enjoy tea. Before the start, the video of the tea ceremony was also played, with various procedures such as pot washing, brewing, serving tea, etc., which must be "slow but steady". Then everyone began to experience the tea ceremony. Although there were various small episodes in the process, such as spilled tea and wrong steps, everyone was doing it seriously, and they also experienced different kinds of fun in the process. The third part of the activity is handmade ice skin moon cake, we bought glutinous rice flour, bean paste filling, coconut paste, mold and so on, the most important thing to do moon cake is the skin, can not be too dry, can not be too sticky, otherwise it is not good to form, just like noodles, also need to add water several times, moon cake skin and good, can be said to be more than half of the success, then is to choose their favorite filling, Then mold into a moon cake shape. The activity was full of laughter and laughter. Everyone did a great job. It seems that everyone has the potential to become a "mooncake master".

Ring ze activity

In the end, of course, it is necessary to make a summary of this activity. Each employee also expressed that this kind of different activity can be held more in the future. At the same time, the activity also enhanced the feelings between employees, which is conducive to the unity of the company and makes the operation of the company more efficient!

Ring ze activity

Ring ze activity

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