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4.0 Economic logic that Industrial Revolution must Happen in China (II)

Released Date: Sep 27,2021 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
Why is China closest to the "singularity" that will trigger the fourth Industrial Revolution?

China already has a lead in four of the five areas: quantum technology+New material breakthrough (carbon-based material graphene)+Artificial intelligence+Nuclear fusion (artificial sun) The only area where China is weak is in the process of catching up with the West in biotechnology. But the basic productivity improvements and the rate of information exchange that will trigger the fourth Industrial Revolution are all in place, and more precisely, in China, they are already in the process of forming commercial chemical reactions. Whether based on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence direction5G6GInfrastructure and robotics applications; It is also a breakthrough in the commercial use of new materials technology based on carbon-based materials to break through the carbon neutral energy revolution and upgrade (Chinese enterprises represented by Huawei have come to the forefront of the world); Or the commercial use of quantum technology based on quantum computing power; China is firmly in the forefront of nuclear fusion technology based on the ultimate alternative breakthrough of energy revolution: artificial sun (large-scale commercial fusion of nuclear fusion). Of course, our biotech sector still needs to catch up with the West, but this partial weakness is no longer enough to prevent our overall efforts to speed up the economy.

Add to that the physical basis that determines the speed of economic operation: the supply of social public goods, which China currently provides to guarantee industry4.0Detonating the world's best infrastructure-level public good. China has the world's top ten commercial ports7A. It has the largest number of airports in the world and the largest domestic and international aviation network of China Unicom. China accounts for the world's high-speed rail mileage70%; China has the longest national highway network; It has a road network that is the envy of the world. To put the West further behind, China has built the most important online payment platform that determines the rate at which commercial information is exchanged. (Alibaba and Tencent, the two major payment platforms that have undergone the baptism of anti-monopoly and strong supervision, will certainly be4.0Time to upgrade China's economic running rate of infrastructure companies)

These public goods, such as infrastructure, are partially or severely aged in Western countries. Due to the capitalist state system, Western capital has no incentive to transform and upgrade such public goods, especially those technologies such as Alipay and wechat payment that the West once seemed to have a leading edge. Due to the high cost of iteration of offline payment system, the current situation in Japan, Europe and the United States is very bad. Far from being able to iterate from offline to online. And that's not to mention the capital's thankless efforts to upgrade the country's highways, high-speed trains, airlines and ports.

So, based on4.0With a global view, there is and only China has a complete "singularity" condition. Of course, European and American countries with local conditions will also benefit indirectly from China's explosion. But unlike the previous three industrial revolutions (which we might say have taken their place as victims),4.0The main beneficiary country of the Industrial Revolution has become China in the East, and the whole world will benefit from China's launching of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

These are the basic conditions that will trigger the "singularity" of the fourth Industrial Revolution. The core logic remains the same. The economic running rate will be doubled again through energy consumption close to zero, intelligent technology replacing labor force and quantum technology information close to zero time delay. This is the core basic logic why China can continue to improve the economic running rate.

The Economic Logic that Industrial Revolution must Happen in China (Part 2)

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