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Introduction to well-known trademarks

Released Date: Feb 09,2023 Article Source: HUANZE
Well-known trademark is a type of trademark recognized by the State Trademark Administration. It is well known and enjoys high popularity in China.

       A well-known trademark is a countrytrademarkA type of trademark recognized by the Authority which is known to the public and enjoys high popularity in the country.

       Domestic protection of well-known trademarks is not limited to the same or similar goods/The service is the same for different applicantstrademarkName (in the case of a well-known trademark) in different or not similar goods/Any application for registration or use on the service will not be registered and will not be used. Therefore, applying for registration as a well-known trademark can bring huge economic benefits to the trademark holder, help the trademark holder to consolidate its position in the market, and at the same time can counter the problem of malicious squatting. 

      Based on fametrademarkIf you want to apply for recognition of well-known trademark, you must submit the relevant materials through the local industrial and commercial bureau, and then the industrial and commercial bureau at all levels will submit the relevant application materials after preliminary examination to the State Trademark Administration; Finally, the State Trademark Administration verifies whether the trademark is well-known or not.

      Introduction to well-known trademarks

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