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What should I pay attention to when buying a Hong Kong company already registered by others?

Released Date: Nov 03,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

Many customers need to buy Hong Kong companies with a long period of registration for various reasons, such as introducing strategic investors, bidding and so on. What problems should we pay attention to when buying other people's Hong Kong companies?

For various reasons, such as: to introduce strategic investors, in order to bid and so on, many customers need to buy a longer registered lifeHong Kong company, so what should Hong Kong companies pay attention to when buying others?

First, audit the targetHong Kong companyThe most recent annual audit report and the most recent financial report confirm all assets and liabilities and owners' equity.

Second, special attention is neededHong Kong companyLiabilities, including whether any are owed to other companies, individuals, and the Hong Kong Companies Registry, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, but not limited to such creditors. These liabilities should be cleared before purchase, or the buyer and seller should reach an agreed arrangement.

Third,Hong Kong companyFor the bank account under your name, you need to change the final beneficiary, complete the procedures required by the bank, and obtain bank information such as password device and check book.

Fourth, we also need to do due diligence on the Hong Kong company to find outHong Kong companyWhether it involves pending litigation, pending arbitration, etc., and make proper arrangements.

After doing the above matters, can handleHong Kong companyLegal procedures for conversion of shares and change of directors,In short, buying a Hong Kong company that someone else has already registered needs to be handled carefully to avoid losses.

What should I pay attention to when buying a Hong Kong company already registered by others?

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