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Is a non-Singaporean subject to personal income tax on his income from a Singapore company?

Released Date: Mar 02,2022 Article Source: HUANZE

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs choose to register their companies in Singapore in addition to Hong Kong for international operation. If the Singapore company pays salaries to its employees during operation, do they need to withhold the individual income tax in Singapore?

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs in addition to the registration of Hong Kong companies for international operations, but also choose to register companies in Singapore, ifSingapore CorporationIs it necessary to withhold Singapore personal income tax for the payment of salaries to staff in operation? Is income earned by non-Singapore employees subject to Singapore personal income tax?

From a non-Singaporean individualSingapore CorporationThe income shall first be based on the position held by the individual. If the director is a director of a Singapore company, the remuneration of the director shall be in accordance with22%Pay personal income tax in Singapore. (This is similar and different from Hong Kong companies. The difference is that Hong Kong companies and Singapore companies are within the scope of personal income tax, but Hong Kong has132000Hong Kong dollar exemption, Singapore does not). If an officer is not a director, he/she receives remuneration from the Singapore company, provided that he/she has not resided in Singapore for more than one year60God, there is no Singapore income tax.

Singapore CorporationIf any salary is paid, it should be reported annually to the tax OfficeIR8AAfter receiving the tax, if individual income tax needs to be paid, the tax bureau will issue a tax receipt to the individual, who needs to pay tax only after receiving the tax receipt. Therefore, even if an employee needs to pay personal income tax in Singapore, it is paid directly by the employee, rather than withheld by the Singapore company (which is the same as that of the Hong Kong company).

Is a non-Singaporean subject to personal income tax on his income from a Singapore company?

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