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Lin Guo 'er, an Internet celebrity, suffers from trademark troubles

Released Date: Dec 28,2021 Article Source: HUANZE
Lin Guo 'er, a video blogger, returned to her hometown to repair a diesel engine by chance in 2018, and her video of the process went viral after she posted it online.

       Lin Guo 'er is a video blogger,2018By chance, she returned to her hometown to repair the diesel engine and posted a video of the repair process on the Internet, which quickly went viral. Her Sina Weibo account"@Lin Guo 'erlinguoerhave50More than ten thousand fans, the whole network together has accumulated200More than 10,000 followers. Not long ago, Lin Guo Er posted a video saying she was bothered by the fact that her name had been registered as a trademark. In the video, she said her name had been signed by someone else3Apply in each categoryTrademark registration, wherein the35Class AD sales service was just what she needed as a vlogger. She was contacted by a "middleman" who said the registered party was willing to take12The trademark "Lin Guo 'er" is transferred to Lin Guo 'er herself for a price of ten thousand yuan per class. Lin Guo 'er said she could not afford to spend that much money and was worried about trademark infringement for her works labeled Lin Guo 'er, so she made a video for help. This year, according to the results of a Chinese trademark website9month2A natural man in Xianyang city, Shaanxi province, Wednesday35The trademark registration application of "Lin Guo 'er" has been submitted on the Class service, and the current status is "application received". Check other names under the applicant's nameTrademark registrationAccording to the application, most of the trademarks applied for registration are related to the names of "Internet celebrities" with a certain fan base or the names of the places where they clock in.

        Ringser's view:People red right and wrong more, "net red" right and wrong more. This case is a case in which the personal video blogger account of Internet celebrities was registered by others. In view of malicious registration, the State Intellectual Property Office has intensified its efforts to crack down, resolutely rejecting applications that are not for the purpose of use. Even if some applications pass the examination by luck, the right holders can raise objections within the notice period. In such cases, it is suggested that the right holder entrust a professional intellectual property agency to monitor, and once the application of the counterfeiter passes the examination and enters the announcement period of preliminary examination, timely raise objections, prevent the registration of the other party, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Welcome to contact Huanze intellectual property consulting related business!

Lin Guo 'er, an Internet celebrity, suffers from trademark troubles

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