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From Conflict to Unity: The World Will Benefit from Chinese Civilization (IV)

Released Date: Dec 10,2020 Article Source: Luo Xinrong, Huanze Company
The engine of the fourth generation of industrial revolution must be China, and the Chinese civilization will eventually integrate the world into the embrace of the Chinese civilization with the wisdom of peaceful space coexistence.

The engine of the fourth generation of industrial revolution must be China, and the Chinese civilization will eventually integrate the world into the embrace of the Chinese civilization with the wisdom of peaceful space coexistence

Finally, let me talk about the transcendence and leadership of Chinese civilization to the Western world.

The fourth generation of the industrial revolution must be based on two dimensions+And even the expansion of the laws of three-dimensional space to empower existing manufacturing industries. Among them, upgrading from oil energy to data energy is an indisputable fact.

Why is the fourth generation Industrial Revolution bound to happen in China? And a China dominated by digital energy?

First of all, the third generation of industrial revolution, with its technological breakthrough of electronic informationization, was led by the United States, which quickly anchored the dollar to oil (through oil trade settlement), and further hijacked the robber logic of settling world trade in dollars through the World Trade Organization controlled by the United States. The U.S. overthrew the governments of Iraq and Libya through military intervention. juxtaposition2000The euro, which was born around 2000, suffered military attacks in the War of Yugoslavia (creating geopolitical military crises and conflicts to drive back the appreciation of the US dollar, making the euro relatively devalued), and later continued Greek debt crisis and Brexit, making the euro completely lose its position as a challenge to the US dollar in world trade settlement in a short period of time...

Fortunately, through the Internet of everything, the world has gradually entered the era of data energy. This is a good fortune for China and a great fortune for the world. The Internet, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, is gradually starting to tilt east towards China...

Let's look at how China is leapfrogging in the age of digital energy.

In the era dominated by the dollar, the United States has three major hegemons, namely, the first hegemony of dollar issuance anchored in oil settlement; Kidnap the second hegemon in the settlement of world trade in goods; Through the powerful US military, it maintains a third hegemony over the major sea lanes through which the world trades goods.

Oil is the sole anchor for the issuance of dollars. This is the first hegemony of the United States. The logic for maintaining this hegemony is much stated in the public information and will not be repeated here. When the artificial intelligence era of the Internet of everything is opened, data will no longer be simple data, but will become the biggest factor resource of the next generation of global economic and trade competition. Historically, China has been endowed with natural advantages in this resource. What is data? Isn't it based on the magnitude of people and things? China is the basic data of how many people? Add to that ByteDance's recent data collection conquers in India, the United States, Europe, and Japan, and we'll have more than we need at the dawn of the data-powered race30The basic data energy bank of hundreds of millions of people, coupled with the interconnection and empowerment of the data energy bank of nearly trillions of objects connected to three billion people with enormous consumption power, don't you think the United States and the West should be in a hurry to crack down on our data collection and transmission ends Bytedance, wechat and Huawei? Until the West accepts the fact that Chinese civilization has returned to the top of the world, this anxiety will persist and be difficult to dispel... This is also the root cause of the long-standing barriers between the West and us in terms of economy, trade, science and technology.

Therefore, when we win the battle of data energy bank several times that of the Western world (actually we have already won), we will completely get rid of the kidnapping of the US dollar in the issuance of the digital RMB through the support of the blockchain technology with the background of decentralization and the endorsement of the national credit and naturally owned data energy bank. That is to say, the next anchor of the digital RMB must be based on the endorsement of the data energy bank. Once it comes to this inflection point, the oil kidnapped by the dollar or the major straits kidnapped by the powerful US military will eventually become the story and decoration of history, which will be swept forward by the historical torrent into the exhibition hall of human civilization

Finally, let's take a look at several micro - and medium-level competitions besides the rapidly evolving data energy pool competition. What are China's chances of winning?

At present, the world economy, the United States as a single level of existence, China as a separate level of existence, Europe as a united level of existence, Japan as a relative level of existence.In the next generation of competition, data energy competition is the core focus. Let's look at how the four levels of competition between China, the United States, Europe and Japan will play out the competition in the next decade or even 20 years:

First, the data-power race is taking place in three parts,

First, data collection

Second, data transfer

Third, data computing, namely cloud computing

In the first part of data collection, China and the US are in the first camp, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc.; China has Alibaba, Tencent, Bytedance, JD.com, Huawei, Baidu, etc. In the competition situation of data collection, China and the United States are almost equal, while Europe and Japan hardly see their presence.

In the second data transfer section, has been entered5GTime, China and Europe are in the first camp, China has Huawei, ZTE, Europe has Nokia, Ericsson, China has a slight lead over Europe, because the United States based5GThe shortwave segment needed has been occupied by the military for a long time and they have missed out on development5GThe period of strategic opportunities, by China and Europe completely left; We still don't see Japan in the transmission section.

In the third field of data computing power, namely cloud computing competition, the same group of Chinese and American companies, namely Alibaba, Tencent, Bytedance, JD.com, Huawei, Baidu, etc. in China, and Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc. in the United States, are once again engaged in the second dimension of data energy competition, namely cloud computing competition. China and the United States are the first echelon in this part of the world. It's still too close to call. Europe and Japan have nothing to do with this part.


In summary above, in the next ten to twenty years or so, among the meso and micro elements supporting the competition of the fourth generation of industrial revolution outside the data energy database, it can be seen that the United States has two (collection end and cloud computing end) and Europe has one (transport end), but they all have incomplete fields. Only China, in the data energy competition situation, Collection, transport and cloud computing are all in the first echelon of the world, and this leading potential energy is expanding rapidly; How to deduce the future, high and low. Japan, on the other hand, will almost certainly remain a marginal country in the data-energy race.

Why is it said that the revival of Chinese civilization will be marked by becoming the locomotive of the fourth generation of industrial revolution? The above macro, meso and micro level facts can be a good evidence of the future.

Chinese civilization, as early as thousands of years ago in the Warring States period, has gone through the dualistic opposition, that kind of low-dimensional civilization stage. Standing in the high-dimensional space of the trinity, the Chinese civilization will surely open a skylight for today's world with a two-dimensional world view as the main body, and let the whole world into the embrace of the Chinese civilization. What the Chinese civilization pursues is the ultimate wisdom of the universe and the cosmology of the unity of man and nature. The recovery and development of the Chinese civilization is by no means seeking hegemony, but is done by ignorant people under the low-dimensional civilization. The Chinese civilization will continue to walk in the cycle of Heaven and Earth, and use the balance law of Great harmony and the mean of the mean to connect the ultimate wisdom and energy of the universe, and become one with heaven and earth...

      From Conflict to Unity: The World Will Benefit from Chinese Civilization (III)

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