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16 2021.03

Sources of corporate salaries tax in Hong Kong

Hong Kong company salary tax means that the income derived from or received from the Hong Kong offic...
15 2021.03

Is it easy for a Dubai company to open an account in a local bank in Dubai

The UAE government has been pursuing an open and free trade policy, striving to create a favorable i...
15 2021.03

How to restore a cancelled Hong Kong company?

Can the Hong Kong company which is in the process of cancellation or has already been cancelled be r...
14 2021.03

Pay attention to the difference between annual inspection and audited tax return of Hong Kong companies

The annual inspection of a Hong Kong company shall be completed at the Companies Registry of Hong Ko...
13 2021.03

Why are bank accounts of Hong Kong companies closed?

In recent years, withCRS(Common reporting standards) in more and more countries/Regional implementat...
13 2021.03

On the issue of letter of credit in the audit process of Hong Kong company

2020The audit of Hong Kong in 2004 has begun in earnest. Therefore, in the process of audit in Hong ...
11 2021.03

The scope of corporate profits tax in Hong Kong

In the audit of a company in Hong Kong, does the company need to pay profits tax if it has profits i...
11 2021.03

Hong Kong companies do not do the risk of financial audit

If your Hong Kong company does not apply for the financial audit on time, then when the tax table is...
10 2021.03

Hong Kong company to make accounts when the bill related

After the completion of overseas registered companies do not ignore the management methods of the en...
09 2021.03

Travel notes of Hong Kong company

With the rapid development of our economy, more and more people have set up their own Hong Kong comp...

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