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05 2021.04

What are the salaries tax standards for Hong Kong companies?

As we all know, Hong Kong has more advantages than China in terms of tax and levy rate. Therefore, a...
05 2021.04

Can a domestic person not work in Hong Kong after registering a company there?

As the Hong Kong Company Law allows Hong Kong companies to conduct offshore business, Hong Kong comp...
04 2021.04

Matters needing attention in audit reports of Hong Kong companies

With the rapid development of China's economy and the change of the world environment, the communica...
04 2021.04

Differences in exchange gain and loss treatment between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Exchange gains and losses are a common occurrence for companies engaged in international trade. In m...
03 2021.04

Overseas income does not require tax recognition

Many clients registered companies in Hong Kong, mainly to take advantage of Hong Kong tax system dif...
03 2021.04

What are the advantages of incorporation in Hong Kong?

With the economic exchanges between China and the world becoming closer and closer, more and more en...
02 2021.04

What if the Hong Kong company fails to do the annual inspection on time?

According to the provisions of the Hong Kong Company Law, Hong Kong companies are required to do an ...
01 2021.04

Detailed introduction to Hong Kong tax resident status application

If you want to become a tax resident in Hong Kong, China, you must first complete an "Application Fo...
01 2021.04

Why is it easy to register a Hong Kong company but difficult to open an account?

In Hong Kong, it is often difficult to open an account. The key factors are as follows:
31 2021.03

Apart from reducing tax costs, how can Hong Kong companies help?

Before registering a Hong Kong company, many clients will ask: How can a Hong Kong company help me i...