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26 2021.10

How to determine the closing date of a registered Hong Kong company?

The fiscal year in mainland China is a Gregorian calendar year:1month1Day to year12month31Day, and C...
25 2021.10

How does the Hong Kong company recognize the revenue from the sales and maintenance of mechanical and electrical products during the accounting audit?

Recently, in the process of accounting, auditing and tax declaration of a Hong Kong company, one of ...
24 2021.10

Is offshore defense required for Hong Kong companies every year?

At present, many mainlanders will set up companies in Hong Kong when doing international trade. It s...
23 2021.10

What tax rate should you Know before you register a Hong Kong company?

Many mainland companies want to register in Hong Kong, so the premise of the registration of Hong Ko...
22 2021.10

The importance of corporate auditing in Hong Kong

As a professional audit institution of Hong Kong companies, our company has encountered many clients...
20 2021.10

What do I need to open an account with DBS Bank?

Hong Kong customs clearance earlier this month, mainland people to Hong Kong without quarantine, to ...
19 2021.10

C CORP tax

C CORPThere are three taxes on corporations
18 2021.10

Do Hong Kong companies have to pay tax after filing?

Hong Kong companies do not need to pay tax after filing their tax returns. They only need to pay tax...
18 2021.10

What should I know about the annual inspection of Hong Kong company?

Every time a Hong Kong company needs to complete the annual inspection of a Hong Kong company on tim...
17 2021.10

What are the risks of a Hong Kong company that has not been audited for many years?

A Hong Kong company established for many years has opened a bank account, and the company has been i...

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