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15 2022.04

How to transfer the original certificate during the audit of Hong Kong company?

In the audit of a company in Hong Kong, customers need to provide original vouchers and financial st...
13 2022.04

What are the requirements for opening an account in Singapore?

After the registration of Singapore companies generally have to go to the bank to open a bank accoun...
12 2022.04

Do I need to prepare the audit data of Hong Kong company in advance?

Many Hong Kong companies start at the beginning of the year2021For the audit of the company in Hong ...
11 2022.04

Can I apply for withholding of Personal Salaries Tax?

We often find such problems in the operation of Hong Kong companies. For example, when the employees...
11 2022.04

Can I apply for withholding of Hong Kong Company Profits Tax?

After we registered our Hong Kong company, full18The tax bureau will issue a tax return and require ...
10 2022.04

How can a Hong Kong company register with the Economic Department of the Central Government's Liaison Office in Hong Kong?

Now many domestic enterprises registered in Hong Kong, will choose to first overseas investment fili...
09 2022.04

Information required by an overseas company to open an account in an offshore bank

Offshore account (OFFSHORE ACCOUNT) refers to legal or natural persons and government agencies locat...
08 2022.04

What reasons can be used for the extension of Hong Kong company profits tax schedule?

After receiving the tax form, the company in Hong Kong should fill in and submit the tax form within...
07 2022.04

What are the documents and precautions after the registration of a non-Hong Kong company?

For a non-Hong Kong company registered in Hong Kong, the documents after registration are different ...
07 2022.04

How to register a non-Hong Kong company?

Now many enterprises will be registered in Hong Kong for international trade and brand, there will a...

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