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28 2022.08

About double taxation Relief policy of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department!

With regard to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department's double taxation relief policy, a double tax...
26 2022.08

What are the advantages of registering an offshore island company?

Offshore island companies mainly refer to companies that do not operate in the place of registration...
25 2022.08

Is there a time limit for making up profits tax losses in Hong Kong company audit?

In the audit of a company in Hong Kong, we all know that there are profits to be taxed, so can the l...
25 2022.08

What are the specific contents of the annual inspection of Hong Kong company?

The annual inspection of Hong Kong company must be submitted to the Hong Kong Companies Registry on ...
24 2022.08

Does the newly established company in Hong Kong need to check the cash at the end of the period?

New companies in Hong Kong may not know that at the end of the period if there is cash to be counted...
24 2022.08

What is the secondary corporate tax rate in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong secondary corporate tax rate refers to a local Hong Kong enterprise whose profits are ...
22 2022.08

How does the Inland Revenue Department handle tax refunds?

How does the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department handle tax refund if the client Hong Kong company h...
21 2022.08

What are the benefits of Dubai Free Trade Zone Company?

In recent years, the rise of the United Arab Emirates registered companies, which in Dubai's free tr...
20 2022.08

Is confirmation required for the audit of a Hong Kong company?

In order to facilitate international trade, many people set up companies in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong...
19 2022.08

Chinese-funded Hong Kong enterprises shall register with the Liaison Office in Hong Kong

From the date when the Chinese-funded enterprise completes the registration formalities in Hong Kong...

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