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16 2022.10

What is the difference between Hong Kong company's commission expenditure and mainland company's?

Due to business needs, many mainland enterprises have registered companies in Hong Kong, but the tax...
15 2022.10

How can a Hong Kong company apply for a radio operator licence?

A Hong Kong company dealing in the course of its business or business operations any appliance, mate...
09 2022.10

Hong Kong company registered address change after need to pay attention to what?

Many domestic customers registered in Hong Kong company, Hong Kong company registered address is gen...
08 2022.10

What are the advantages of registering a Seychelles company?

First of all, the profits and capital appreciation generated by international companies in Seychelle...
07 2022.10

Analysis on Hong Kong Salaries tax threshold!

After setting up a company in Hong Kong, it is necessary to understand the two main taxes in Hong Ko...
06 2022.10

Does Hong Kong company need to fill in the personal tariff form?

Nowadays, many individuals who do international trade or have overseas business will set up their ow...
05 2022.10

How to determine the audit cut-off test in Hong Kong Company Audit?

In the Hong Kong corporate audit, the auditor has a determination, which is a cut-off test of revenu...
04 2022.10

Under what circumstances does a Hong Kong company need to make a tax defense?

The client has been registered in Hong Kong for three years and has submitted audit reports to Hong ...
03 2022.10

Can a 3-year business registration certificate of a Hong Kong company be revoked?

Hong Kong company applies for a 3-year valid business registration certificate after subsequent2You ...
02 2022.10

Can I apply for a business registration certificate for a Hong Kong company for more than one year?

We know that every company in Hong Kong needs to go through annual inspection regularly every year, ...

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